How to create your intro video for profile page on My Private Tutor?

How to create your intro video for profile page on My Private Tutor?

If you are a tutor and looking for better opportunities, then this is how you can project your prospects a few notches higher. Try introduction video. Here is how.

An introduction video is a smart way to exhibit your tutoring methods to your prospective students. Tutors with their personal videos enjoy more student leads. Grab this opportunity to connect with the students and highlight your talents like never before.

You could make an introduction video of a minute or so and upload it on your LearnPick Profile Page. It’s worth it.

Learn How to Create Your Intro Video

Take some time out to create an impressive video to give your potential students a solid reason to select you!

Decide what to include in your script

Develop a nice script. A few things to include in your Intro Video should be:

  • Your brief introduction as a tutor.
  • Your educational qualification, your job experience and achievements.
  • Tutoring methods you adopt, your inspiration and your liking for the subject you teach etc.
  • Highlight reasons for the students to select you.
  • A brief mention of how LearnPick is helping you to pursue your career as tutor.

Rehearse, rehearse!

Rehearse before you record. Check out appropriate examples on YouTube or other video sharing sites.

A Few Things You Would Need

  • A good camera: Your webcam would do.
  • Microphone: Hello? You need to be audible to your students.
  • Proper Lights: You don’t want to end up with a dull video.
  • Quiet Room: You don’t want background noise to strangle your voice.

Create your video!

When you feel you’ve had enough with the rehearsal, start recording. You may use your computer’s webcam for this purpose, or even your phone. 

Previously, if you had a webcam connected to your computer, you could record a video on YouTube and upload it directly to the site. But this feature doesn’t exist anymore.

Now you can use plenty of alternative software on your computer to record a webcam video. Popular ones include Photo Booth for Mac OS X and Camera for Windows 8+.

Once you’ve completed the video, upload it on YouTube.

Add video URL to LearnPick

Once done, the next step is to copy as well as paste your YouTube Intro video link directly to LearnPick. It will add value to your profile and make it look more professional. You can easily attract new students.

Your checklist!

  • Think of a good title for your video
  • Keep it short and simple. Do not exceed your video beyond 4 minutes.
  • Do not forget to mention about your tutor profile on LearnPick.

Show them what you got. Introduce yourself directly to students and promote yourself as a proficient tutor. Try out your smart and stunning Intro Video on LearnPick and watch your prospects escalate.


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