How To Use Coupons To Save Money On Your Education

Oct 20, 2022

Students have to deal with major expenses, such as room and board, tuition, transportation, textbooks, and school supplies. Textbooks, in particular, can cost close to a thousand bucks or more every year. 

In fact, a 2022 back-to-school study shows that students will spend an average of USD$864 on school supplies. However, you could use coupons to cut these expenses. Vouchers will make your student life easier, allowing you to buy all the school necessities quickly and at affordable prices.

However, you must be smart about couponing to reap its benefits. Here are a few tips on using coupons to save money on your education:

1. Determine your coupon sources

Coupons are easy to find. Maybe not as easy as before when you could get them in almost all magazines and newspapers. But if you know where to look, you'll find them in no time. The primary source of coupons nowadays is the internet. You can get printable online coupons from or other websites, as well as coupon apps that may offer perks like cash back and sale alerts.

coupons for education

For paper coupons, consider looking at Sunday newspapers or checking a shop for in-store and checkout coupons. You might come across a newspaper that gives print coupons you can use at restaurants, retail and grocery stores.

Searching for coupons may be time-consuming, though, so you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your study schedule.

2. Stock up

When you find a store selling the material you need at affordable rates, consider buying materials for the whole semester or academic year instead of just a single piece. But ensure you only buy materials you're sure won't depreciate in quality during the long storage period. 

3. Make use of technology

Businesses are shifting their products where consumers spend most of the time, in this case, the internet. Part of digital marketing strategies businesses implement involves creating websites and business accounts on various social media platforms where they post discounts and offers and even send emails to contacts on their lists.

Education Coupons

Studies show about 92% of American adults receive promotional emails on coupons, and 65% use them two weeks later. You can also take advantage of these and register with various brands and retailers to be among the people receiving emails about discounts available.

4. Consider strategic use of coupons

Consider using coupons on products on offer. You'll save more than when you use them to purchase full-priced products. Moreover, some products with no coupons may cost less than full-price products with coupons.

Some materials, like pencils and pens, are usually on sale around back-to-school sessions. Look for coupons that cover such seasons and use them to save big on school supplies.

5. Look at different stores

Your usual store may not have an offer or discount on the reading material you need for your next semester or exams. So, you may have to look at other stores. They may have better price cuts and coupons.

While visiting various stores, don't hesitate to request information on coupons. You may ask about the coupon policies of different stores because the rules may differ from one store to the other. Watch out for policies on the following:

  • Manufacturer's coupons: You might find some manufacturer's coupons in your search. You have to check with your bookstore or other supply stores to confirm whether they accept them because not all will allow you to use them.
  • Double coupons: You could use two coupons to cover the same product. Some retailers will let you use them while others won't. So that means you'll receive a USD$2 price cut if you have two USD$1 coupons and the retailer accepts double coupons.
  • Quantity limit: Some stores limit the number of coupons you can use in each transaction, especially when using manufacturer coupons. However, you could request the cashier to split your purchases into various transactions if you want to use more than one coupon.
  • Coupon expiry dates: Most coupons have expiry dates printed on them. In comparison, some stores may let you use expired coupons to beat the competition, but not all will. Therefore, it’s necessary to verify the store's policy on this before using the coupon.


College continues to be more expensive, so it’s important to do all you can to save money. Using coupons is a brilliant way to do that. By taking advantage of them, you’ll be able to buy school supplies and other essentials at favourable prices. Plus, you’ll find coupons on almost any product.

However, you'll need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to collect valid coupons. Just follow the tips discussed here.

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