How to Succeed in Bank Exams

Apr 16, 2015

If you have an aptitude for Commerce or Accountancy, a banking job might be a great career choice for you. Currently, bank jobs are in high demand throughout India with innumerable candidates appearing for a wide range of bank exams. These exams are the keys to a lucrative career in the banking sector. And as some of you already know, you can bag high-paying jobs if you clear these exams successfully.

There are various kinds of bank exams including those conducted by IBPS, SBI (State Bank of India), RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and private banks. A large number of students also appear for the Bank PO exams as it is a pre-requisite for securing a job as a bank probationary officer.

With the advent of technology, banks have started offering multiple forms of services that include housing loans, mutual funds, business credit cards and so on. Therefore, you can find several career opportunities associated with the banking industry. No wonder, this sector is expected to generate as many as 2 million job opportunities over the coming decade! So let us learn about how one can succeed in bank exams:

#1. Know your Abilities

Although bank exams test your basic knowledge about Commerce, yet you cannot ignore the fact that you must be well-groomed for them. Your answers must be accurate as well as swift so that you are able to complete your paper on time. Remember that you might have to answer about 250 questions in just 150 minutes, and so you cannot afford to spend a lot of time over a single question.

#2. Understand the Exam

Next, try to understand the pattern of your examination. You must know how to answer the questions in the bank exam properly. At the same time, you must also be aware of the qualifying marks and negative marking, if any, for each section of your question paper. This would enable you to calculate the time you need to invest for answering every section.

#3. Professional Training

Bank exams contain questions that test your general aptitude, yet you must not underestimate the importance of a professional training session before you appear for them. Professional guidance can increase your chances of scoring brilliant grades in your exams. Since the competition in such exams is quite high, you can’t risk losing even a single mark in such exams. Proper training can help you revise your pre-existing knowledge.

#4. Practice More

You got to keep practicing before you actually start solving your question paper on the final day of your exam. Therefore, collect as many sample test papers as you can and keep solving them. Work hard in understanding the concept behind every question and also make sure that you grasp the logic behind the solutions. Don’t quit practicing till you are confident of appearing for your final exam.

#5. Enjoy your Preparation

Last but not the least, you must enjoy your exam preparation. Once you start having fun solving the mock test papers, you automatically start feeling more optimistic about the actual exams. Discuss the questions with other candidates who might be preparing for the exam and share your problems with them. You can also test each other’s knowledge about the probable questions of the sample question papers!

Now, let us look at some of the main topics that are covered in bank exams. You can expect multiple-choice questions in your bank exams. Also, there is no fixed syllabus for such exams. Therefore, you must prepare well keeping these things in mind. The questions are based on general awareness and school-level Math and include the following subjects:

  • English Language (basic grammar and comprehension skills)
  • Computer Awareness (basic computer applications and Internet)
  • General Awareness (general knowledge and current affairs)
  • Logical Reasoning (critical thinking and application of analytical skills)
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation (calculation and basic Math skills)

Let me remind you that the success rate in bank exams is low. So you must leave no stone unturned in preparing for your exam in the best possible way. Your general knowledge and aptitude must be really strong if you aspire to crack any bank exam. First of all, tell yourself that you are going to do everything that is required to clear the exam successfully. Next, follow it up with smart studying strategies to prepare yourself and successfully crack the exam. So here is wishing you all the very best for your next bank exam, dear friends. Hope you come out with flying colors as a bright banking career awaits you!

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