How to Search for an Internship Abroad

Feb 22, 2020

Every graduate, at one point, has thought of getting an internship to gain experience in their career courses. Well, getting an internship abroad is an added advantage to the students because they will be able to learn a lot. Apart from gaining more experience in your line of work, you will travel to different countries, experience different cultures, and people. You will also explore new opportunities for growth.

Most of these abroad internships are paid, and you are likely to gain the job experience as you expose yourself to new people, places, and different cultures. So, how do you apply for an internship? The process is not complicated, but it can be quite tricky for someone who has no idea what to do. How then should you go about the process? Below is a well-compiled and tested process to use for a start.

Choose an Internship 

There are many internship opportunities across the world that a graduate or student can apply for. However, choosing the right internship opportunity is always a challenge for the majority of students. How then do you identify the proper chance? Here are a few criteria to use:

Understand the Meaning of an Internship 

Many students know that they have to look for an internship, but they do not understand for what reason. Internships provide an opportunity to gain experience, and it can be paid or unpaid. You may also use internships as a measure of interest in your career course. It can help you in gaining credits if it meets your career criteria.

Seek Help from an Internship Coordinator

Many schools have internship coordinators that help to guide students on finding and applying for internships. For students who are yet graduates, the coordinators understand the specific rules and guidelines of the school in determining the best for school credit.

First, for a student to gain school credits, the internship has to be directly connected to your career course.  For instance, if you take a medical course, the opportunity has to be on nursing or anything related to medicines. If the school has no internship coordinator, confirm with your lecturer for guidance. 

Carry Out Research 

Research is an important part of the internship application process. Therefore, you must choose the area of research according to the industry you are in. Which course have you done? Make sure the internship opportunities are narrowed down to it. Carry out the Internet search to identify jobs within your career field. If you have no idea how, go online for an essay helper guideline for help. 

Choose Location or Region

For a person who wants an internship abroad, choosing a region will help in narrowing down the area of search. Many opportunities are available around the world. Therefore, narrow the search down to a specific continent such as Asia, Europe, or Africa. It will all depend on your area of work. Some countries are the best fit for opportunities. For instance, France majors mostly in fashion. Also, are you able to speak the language? It is a valuable asset necessary for the significant exploration of the internship opportunity. 

Applying for the Internship

The next step after you have identified the area of research, region, and career field to settle in is the application process. Well, here is what to do:

Write a Professional Resume

The method of applying for an internship involves putting together a resume that you'll submit to the right channel. A reliable and professional resume will assist you against the other applicants looking for a similar opportunity. The following is what you should consider in your resume:

  • A proper resume format and it should be professional
  • If you do not have any work experience, you can use a college resume
  • Do not be bothered about work experience — internships are to help you gain working experience. 

Searching for Internship Opportunities

There are many areas that you can search for internship opportunities. There are online databases tailored for internship applicants. You have to write the keyword, and you will have the right chance available for you. Below are some of the other areas to look for internship opportunities:

The use of social media channels and friends networks such as media as Linkedin, which connects different people of the same professions.
International jobs and career fairs are a potential opportunity not just for those looking for full-time employment for the interns, too.
Use the school's student's alumni office. Use this network to get a connection with graduates who work abroad for internship opportunities.

Apply for an Internship that Interest You

Apart from following the guidelines of the internship you are applying for, always go for an opportunity that interests you. Opportunities have different requirement listings. Some will ask you to write an essay, while others will request for resume submission. Some will need you to fill an online application. However, do not settle far from your profession or interest to ensure that apart from gaining experience, you also enjoy doing the job. Also, apply for as many opportunities as possible to increase your chances for an internship.

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