How to Score High Band in IELTS Speaking

Mar 04, 2020

Speaking is one part of the IELTS test where you can score high band. There are few tips which can be followed in order to get a high band in the IELTS examination. If you are expecting a high band in IELTS examination you must go through these following points:

Paraphrase the Examiner

One of the best ways to increase your answer while speaking is you can repeat whatever is told by the examiner, not in the same way but in your own words. When you increase the length of the answer you can impress the examiner and you are able to score high band.

Try to use Fillers 

You can use fillers like “so”, “well”, “you know”, “actually” and so on wherever it is necessary. These fillers do not help you to gain marks but it gives you some time to think the next sentence which you are going to tell and you can increase your sentences which can fetch you marks and the examiner will also have a good impression on you.

Ask the Examiner for Clarification

You can ask the examiner for clarification if you do not understand the question that has been asked by the examiner. But, you need to keep in mind that you can ask for clarification only once or twice and not every time. You can use phrases like, “sorry, I didn’t get you” or “pardon” and so on.

Make sure you at least speak for 2 minutes in Part 2 of the Speaking Test:

You should always aim to speak for 2 minutes. Some students think that even speaking for 1 minute can give you a good score, but when you speak for 2 minutes the examiner will think that you have a wider range of ideas.

Try to understand the Part 3 question carefully:

You must listen carefully when the examiner asks questions in IELTS Speaking part 3 so that when he uses some words you can paraphrase it and use it in your answer. Especially listen to the sentences like “might”, “maybe” so that you can use such words in your sentence too.

Review the topics:

Before attending the speaking test you need to review the topics in order to get an idea like what kind of IELTS Speaking topics will be appeared. So that you can practice the topics in advance and do not lose confidence while actually speaking. It is advisable that you do not memorize the topics and try to make the sentences of your own.

Practice Speaking English:

This is the main thing where you can score a high band because if you know the basics of English, Speaking English is not a difficult task and if you practice English it is good because in the speaking test your vocabulary and grammar is checked and not your knowledge.

You should be able to answer the “Why” question:

This is the common question asked by the examiner because she wants you to speak more about the topic and that is the reason she may ask “why” several times so that you speak continuously without any pauses in your speaking. So you must be able to answer the why question asked in order to score a high band.

Be aware of timing and scoring criteria:

While taking the IELTS speaking test you must know about the scoring criteria like which part of the speaking will fetch you high band and you must speak accordingly. Likewise, you also should be aware of the timing, you must not speak too little or too much, you should be able to manage the timings properly.

Do not be scared when a mistake happens:

You don’t have to be panicked when the mistake happens. It’s common that mistakes happen while you speak quickly. So do not get panicked. If it is possible for you to correct the mistake then go for it, because the examiner will know that you are conscious about your mistake. If you do not know to correct it then move on.

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