How The Great Gatsby Can Help You Learn to Write

Oct 23, 2019

Any English student will be expected to read The Great Gatsby at college. It’s a classic novel that is not only a great story but has many lessons we can learn about writing, fiction and even screenplays. Do you know what they are? We are going to take a look at the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel and you can take this advice and apply it to your own articles and papers. It is a great novel to learn from and it is worth reading a few times to understand the concepts. Whether you’re completing an assignment on The Great Gatsby or creating another essay, there is valuable information contained within this novel.

The Great Gatsby Lesson

The story of the Great Gatsby surrounds the life of Jay Gatsby and the novel is told by Nick Carraway, which is his neighbour. He is intrigued about the life of Gatsby as an eccentric millionaire. You can view The Great Gatsby essay in order to better understand what is going on. There are free samples and papers available online, so you can begin your study. Yet, this novel is more than just a story; there are some valuable lessons for your own essay. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Exploring Morals

We have all heard about the American Dream. It’s the national ethos that says that you have the opportunity to succeed and pursue happiness in your life. In essence, anyone is able to achieve the American Dream; the only thing that is holding you back is yourself. Yet, the good thing about The Great Gatsby is that this novel explores a pessimistic view of the American Dream. Often, you only hear about the positives. Ultimately, Jay Gatsby had all the wealth in the world. He built himself up from a poor farming background and became rich with everything you want. Yet, he was not able to win over Daisy. It was written as a story you would expect to have a happy ending because he had pursued the American Dream. Yet, it demonstrates that money doesn’t always make you happy nor means you will live happily ever after. You can explore morals in your papers and take the opposite view from a lot of other sample articles. This can make readers more interested and intrigued by your writing. It can also be more interesting to write.

Rich Symbolism

If The Great Gatsby is known for anything, it’s the rich symbolism that is used throughout the book. This helps to explain the story, and you can learn how powerful images can be in your own essays. For example, there is often a reference to the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. This appears several times and helps to show Jay Gatsby’s ambition, as well as his hopes and dreams for the future. It is mentioned as early as chapter 1 and again you will read about it in chapter 9. Even choosing the name Daisy is symbolic in The Great Gatsby. This is a flower that has a yellow center and white petals. Yellow is a color that often stands for corruption, while white is innocence and purity. Ultimately, Daisy is driven by money and doesn’t treat Jay Gatsby well, yet she appears innocent. Why not take a look at the other uses of symbolism in the novel and try them out for yourself?


Another thing that The Great Gatsby is good at is showing emotion through the weather. This is something that you often come across in William Shakespeare’s work too. It is a clever way to set the scene and prepare for what is going to unfold. In this way, F. Scott Fitzgerald sets the tone by using the weather first before being the story. For example, when Jay Gatsby and Daisy Cook reunite, it is set in the pouring rain where it is awkward. But as their love starts to show, the sun beings to come out. When Jay Gatsby has his famous confrontation with Tom, this is the hottest day of the summer. In addition, other examples include Wilson killing Jay Gatsby when it starts to get cold in Autumn.

Using a Narrator

The Great Gatsby is a novel that is written from the perspective of Nick Carraway. This means that the novel is only based on his opinions and ideas as he experiences them. It is actually Jay Gatsby that is the protagonist and he is the focal point of the story. Thus, we understand the characters from the perspective of Nick Carraway. This is an interesting concept that you could explore if you are ever writing a fiction novel. It allows you to paint the picture of characters from another perspective.

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