Are NCERT Books Good Enough To Crack NEET With Flying Colors?

May 08, 2018

There’s an abundance of study material available on the internet for preparation of medical examinations. However, most students often struggle to find the right material, ending up with the wrong ones thus, failing to get the desired result after years of hard work.

Similarly, there’s no shortage of NEET preparation materials in the market. But we should still identify the right and concise material for the best results.

Having said that, NCERT books can undoubtedly play a significant role in NEET exam preparation, especially for clearing theoretical concepts, in general. This post can throw more light on the matter.

  1. Direct Questions

Since NEET follows NCERT books almost religiously for the examination, there are huge possibilities of questions being directly fetched from these books or follow a similar pattern.

Numerical problem-based questions are also influenced directly by the NCERT syllabus. Almost 70 to 75% questions are directly fetched from NCERT textbooks.

  1. Straightforward language

NCERT textbooks are written in a clear and simple language; one that is easy for students to understand.

These books are also quite direct with their approach making it relatively easier for NEET aspirants to comprehend the technical aspects of the topics in a jiffy.

  1. Strengthening concepts

NCERT books are exceptionally good for clearing out theoretical concepts. When these are substantiated by proper practice, concepts become strong.

Recommended Books For NEET Practice

This is a list of books other than NCERT that may aid in your NEET preparation:


Objective Physics for NEET (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) by D.C Pandey (Arihant)


  • Dinesh Objective Biology for NEET & other exams

  • AIIMS Explorer by MTG

  • Trueman’s Objective Biology


Objective Chemistry (Vol. 1 and 2) by Arihant

NEET Preparation Strategy

NCERT books can undoubtedly give you a head start over other aspirants lying in the same bracket. At the same time, one must also keep the following things in mind:

  • Since NEET is an objective-type paper, aspirants must make a habit of practicing MCQs almost every day of their preparation. Aspirants must also refer to the above-mentioned books along with NCERT for an abundance of sample objective-type questions.

  • Aspirants must solve a lot of previous years NEET or AIPMT papers to get a comprehensive idea of exam pattern, types, and questions, framed in NEET.

  • LearnPick comes with a comprehensive collection of NCERT Biology solutions for class 11 and 12 collected altogether on a single page. All of these solutions can be downloaded for free. Refer to these materials for NEET preparation in addition to the books mentioned above.

Final word

To be brief and right to the point, we should say that NCERT books can act as a cover for the majority of NEET examination provided you are absolutely thorough with the books (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) of class 11 and 12 standards.

But, in order to be counted as one of the elites, you need to go that extra mile with additional academic help from expert tutors of the subject. This list may come in handy for your purpose.

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