How Learning Latin Can Help Catapult Your Career To The Next Level

Dec 16, 2019

Advancing in a career that you’re truly passionate about significantly improves your personal and professional relationships, boosts your productivity, and improves your self-esteem. Moreover, having a career motivates you to live a life with purpose.

But with the number of employees vying for higher positions, climbing the corporate ladder is not easy. This is especially true if you’re competing against people who have been with the organization longer than you have.

But did you know that learning Latin can increase your chances of taking your career to the next level?  Contrary to popular belief, Latin is not a dead language. In fact, it could allow you to enhance skills that can contribute to your professional growth.

Here’s how learning Latin can help catapult your career:

1.     It Promotes Greater Focus

Focus is highly important at work. When you focus on a single task, you can effectively avoid any type of distraction, allowing you to complete the task as soon as possible.

Being focused translates to better productivity because you can accomplish tasks with high-quality outputs within a lesser time frame. A focused employee is someone who doesn’t jump from one task to another. Instead, they focus on one task at a time and move on to another after accomplishing the first one.

Having greater focus is one of the benefits you can get once you choose to learn Latin. Unlike the English language wherein you only have to pair a plural verb with a plural noun, the Latin language is more complex.

For you to master this language, you’ll have to know what subordinate clauses, appositive phrases, and strings of prepositional phrases are, and determine the placement of these in a sentence. All of these elements should go well with each other to ensure that your sentence expresses clear and cohesive ideas.  

This entire process of learning Latin can cause a lot of pressure, but it’s also during this process that you can learn a lot about focus. Different elements contribute to the Latin language, and as a learner, you have to focus on how to use each of these and what words work best in a specific sentence.

2.      It Encourages “Outside-The-Box” Thinking

The business industry is more competitive than ever. Regardless of the niche, more and more people are entering the business arena to sell products or services. The business industry is fast-paced, which is why thinking outside of the box is necessary.

An employee who regularly thinks out of the box has greater chances of earning a promotion because they have a broader perspective, provide higher quality work, and are more creative when it comes to providing solutions to problems.

Additionally, thinking out of the box can help an employee stay adaptable to the internal and external changes happening in the business arena, and come up with ideas that can help them stand out.

If you want to be this kind of employee, exhaust all of your resources in learning Latin. Learning this language will encourage you to think out of the box because you need to carefully figure out the words and tenses to use in a sentence.

In a classroom setup, Latin teachers will start their lesson by teaching students how to translate a verb (often seen at the end of the sentence) and then identify what the subject of that verb (located at the beginning of the sentence) is. Students have to reorder the placement of words to produce a smooth and idiomatic English sentence.

The ideal process of learning Latin can encourage you to think out of the box as you’ll have to come up with unique word placements to convey a clear sentence. Over time, this skill can become innate that you can easily use it in other facets of your life, such as in your workplace.

3.     It Improves Your Communication Skills

Good communication skills can improve your efficiency at work. Having this skill will make it very easy for you to clearly express your thoughts, collaborate with teammates, and engage with your customers more effectively.

Communication skills are also important when advancing in your career because this can motivate you to speak up and present your ideas. If you’re confident enough to speak and contribute suggestions, your employers will notice you. Getting their attention and favor can take your career to new heights.

You can improve your communication skills when you learn Latin. After all, the grammatical rules observed in the English language are from Latin. Most of the English words used today are also from the Latin language.

Mastering the grammatical rules and words in the Latin language can be your ticket to improve your English communication skills. It’ll be very easy for you to effectively use the English language if you are knowledgeable about its basic structure.

Change Your Outlook

Learning Latin is a smart investment for your career. Instead of focusing on how time-consuming and stressful learning a new language is, think about how it can expedite your career growth in the long run.

Let this mindset motivate you to learn Latin and become an effective Latin speaker or writer!

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