How Good A Career Can Journalism Be Today?

How Good A Career Can Journalism Be Today?How Good A Career Can Journalism Be Today?

Are you planning to take up journalism as a career option? With the advent of digital communication, the field of journalism has opened up many opportunities and paths for young people. And, why not?

More and more NEWS channels are being launched to quench the thirst of millions of people across the globe to know what is happening around them.

People are being more and more aware of the developments and changes around them and want to know where they stand amidst all. Thanks to media, people have successfully turned global citizens.

The field of journalism

Journalism is as challenging as prestigious. The main role of the journalists is to gather news and spread information to the people across the globe. You can either choose to be in the digital or the print media. Choose the one that you prefer the most. Each of the media has different characteristics and demands. New medium – the Internet has also revolutionized the ways people use to gather and spread news. These days there are journalists who work for the Internet as a news medium.

It’s the main role of the journalists to entertain, educate, and awaken the masses about the happenings of the world. It’s the responsibilities of a journalist to make people aware about health issues and new inventions that are directly or indirectly helping them lead better lives. Journalists spread the message of health, hygiene, education, basic rights, and suchlike many other issues are taken up by the professionals.

There are numerous opportunities for the journalists to play key roles in the growth and development of a nation and its people. That might seem to be a lot of responsibilities you’d have to take up as a journalist. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. If you love challenges and want to do good for the society as a while, it is a career path that you should definitely choose.

Which is the best path for you in journalism?

There are different paths to choose in the field. You can choose a path or a ‘beat’ to report according to your area of interest. You can be a fashion journalist, sports journalist, or a criminal journalist.

Be a broadcast journalist – if you want to be seen on television often, you can be a broadcast journalist. There are different positions that you can apply for. Be a news reader or a reporter on any of the television channels. You can also choose to be in broadcast journalist and stay behind the screen as a photo journalist for a broadcasting channel. Be a television producer and choose to produce news shows on TV. For a television channel you can be a weather reporter, a sports reporter or an anchor. Choose a national or a world news channel to work for.

Investigative journalism is also great – investigative journalists are much praised in a democratic set-up. Different issues like the corruption in a particular system or fraud practices in voting or investigating out an environmental polluter are the roles of an investigative journalist. You work in close collaboration with the system. You have to report to the police in case of any serious crime. Investigative journalists improve the surrounding and make the world a better place for common people. If you have always been aware and cautious about investigating different issues in the society, it is better you choose to be an investigative journalist.

Photo journalists are successful too – A picture is equal to a thousand words. So, by being a photojournalist you will be able to show the world proof of things that otherwise won’t be strong if spoken in words. That is the reason you can definitely choose to be one. As a photo journalist you can work as a freelancer or work as a full-time employee of any television channel or newspaper.

In addition to these you can choose to report sports happenings or can also choose to report about the health beat. Some people also choose to report about scientific research and inventions. You must remember that the editors and copy writers are also journalists. It will definitely be good idea to be a part of their team too.


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