How do Kids make their own Makerspace?

How do Kids make their own Makerspace?

Parents always want to make sure that their child is receiving proper education at schools or tuitions. This prompts them to ask questions like "What did you learn today, at school?" to their kids, who replies in a disinterested tone "nothing worthwhile." The scary feeling that their child is not getting the proper education or is not interested in studying starts to increase.

Makerspace's entry into the learning world has changed some of the doubtful thoughts hovering over the minds of parents. Since its release in 2015, it has been a force of resurgence in the education industry. The doubtful questions of parents are slowly getting erased through Makerspace. Kids are learning new things, developing new skills and taking responsibility through this.

What is Makerspace?

A do it yourself center, where kids collaborate with other kids to work on a project or interest. This started out as small community centers which have gone on to become a global trend. This is a place where someone average can hone their skills and learn different techniques. Here, ideas are created, constructed and recreated again. The popularity and benefits of Makerspace have pushed them into the education sector in the last couple of years.

How kids make their own Makerspace

They create a space

The kids themselves create the area required for having a makerspace. They find an adequate space and make it their own by removing any unnecessary objects from there. Whether it be in the old store room behind their house or in the library room corner, their main aim is to have access to the area at any time. Depending upon their passion project, a suitable environment is created. In an arts and crafts makerspace, whiteboards and paints are arranged to doodle or draw anything they wish.

They build it and design it

Proper usage of the space is the primal focus of the kids. They paint the walls with creative drawings and use whatever resources they have at their disposal. They take ownership of the space which instills them with a sense of responsibility. This do it yourself attitude develops the skills of the kids.

They bring supplies of tools

An effective makerspace needs all the instruments and items which kids can use to create and tinker new things. Children face situations like cleaning up the area and maintaining it, finding the source of supplies, understanding the tools they require and keeping things arranged and disciplined. They tackle all of these through brainstorming sessions and drawing up the perfect procedure for their place. This ameliorates skills such as collaboration and creative thinking.

They supervise the area

Oftentimes, some of the kids lack interest in such process. They goof around and use the limited tools available unnecessarily. This makes others responsible for maintaining care of the place. They plan out ways to organize an environment where everyone needs to participate and engage. The tools are put strictly under the supervision so that there is no improper use of the resources.

They promote competition

Kids love competition, and they create their very own challenges at the makerspace. This makes the environment around the place more competitive. They are better prepared for future academic and job challenges as a result. Innovations and ideas are developed. Also, through makerspace kids embraces failure and learns to deal with them efficiently.


This is a continuous process, unlike the traditional academic projects or curriculums given once or twice a year. Makerspace is a form of personalized learning in which parents and teachers guide kids of varying abilities to complete a task. Children do not need to wait for passive learning; such activities provide a constant flow of knowledge.


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