How Cloud-Based Learning makes Education Smarter

Jan 07, 2018

Today, education and technology partner one another in the way forward. Information technology has steadily made its way into human life, swiftly turning into the most crucial lifeline for millions. For it encapsulates our daily lives, connecting us with people as well as contributing to modern-day learning processes.

No wonder educators are looking forward to innovative technological solutions for revitalizing their classrooms!

Generation-Y is constantly bombarded with fresh ideas for integrating technology into their lives. It is quite evident through their increased dependence on iPads, video game consoles and tablets.

Technology inside Classrooms

These days, teachers are seeking technological alternatives to their teaching practices that would urge youngsters to concentrate on their academics. Utilizing technology inside classrooms would captivate the attention of learners, since they are always keen to try their hands at the latest electronic devices!

This motivates several educators to strive for implementing an intelligent learning management system (LMS) in their classroom sessions.

I have come across numerous teachers who aim to include ‘cloud-based learning’ systems as part of academic institutions. If you are pondering over the significance of this sort of a system in learning environments, you should continue reading.


What is Cloud-based Learning?

A cloud-based LMS involves an elaborate system of learning tools that is available on the Internet and can be easily accessed by logging into the website of a service provider. Such kind of a learning management system greatly assists instructional designers.

Eager to know how that is possible?

Well, cloud-based learning services offer a unique academic platform to instructional designers who are free to:

  • design new courses
  • upload course content
  • interact directly with students

This saves the designers quality time that they would otherwise be compelled to devote for installing the appropriate software and the design of certain academic courses.

Course designers can preserve all forms of information on any cloud platform. Students would be entitled to access that information once the users have been approved by the instructional designers.

Why Cloud-based Learning is Important in Education?

Owing to the immense potential of cloud-based learning in the classrooms of the 21st century, a large number of educational institutes have started introducing it in their classes.

Let me acquaint you with some of the many benefits that are associated with cloud-based LMS.

A detailed knowledge about them would help you identify some of their excellent characteristics that would inspire you to make it a part of your classroom.

Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy if you integrate cloud-based learning in the classroom.

#1. Economical

Every educational organization would seek affordable alternatives in terms of establishing their infrastructure.

Cloud-based learning systems are known to be more economical, as they have lower costs. This happens due to the fact that users need not purchase a brand new software for designing a course. Neither would you have to invest your precious time nor resources to make sure the new programs gets downloaded on your machines.

All they are required to do is create your personal account with the service provider of the LMS.

Now, you can go on to design courses and add new academic content on a particular cloud-based platform. Therefore, creating your own LMS becomes more convenient and less time-consuming.

Also, you might prefer using certain cloud-based options that are more reasonably priced and are popular among medium-sized organizations. For instance, cloud-based systems like TalentLMS provides free trials to users before you make a final decision to subscribe to it.

#2. Better Mobility

Students, educators, and learning communities are more attracted to learning systems that enable them to stay tuned to their course materials – irrespective of time and location!

This makes it possible for them to enjoy access to their notes and courses, anytime-anywhere, and even while they are on the move.

Relying on traditional learning tools or software would restrict their ability to gain access to essential course content or instructions. Needless to say, it would prevent students from remaining updated about their course and its curriculum.

This is where cloud-based learning services come to the rescue of anyone eager to imbibe knowledge.

Even while you are mobile, you can read your notes just with a tap on your electronic gadget, by logging into your LMS account. In addition, instructional designers are also at an advantage. Uploading new course content or interacting with other students or educators would cease to be a challenge for them if they start turning to cloud-based LMS.

#3. Improved Data Security

I know you cannot imagine life without Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

However, did you know that some of them lack the necessary security features that would check users from stealing any content posted in these sites and duplicating them? This is one of the main reasons why some academic institutions have resorted to cloud-based systems to communicate with their students and maintain course materials.

Cloud platforms have been proven to offer higher data security features to their users.

They aim to provide heightened security to users, thanks to their amazing privacy settings. So naturally, you can share any kind of information on your LMS account. And, you can do away with your suspicion of having your information leaked! In fact, even the online transactions can be conducted under utmost secrecy, if you are using a cloud-based LMS.


#4. Easier Maintenance

Tensed about the maintenance of your learning management system?

Here is why you can relax: cloud-based LMS service providers are well-equipped with adequate technical customer support personnel and IT staff who are capable of taking care of the glitches.

You need not waste your time, energy, and money fixing technical issues that might appear in your LMS.

Moreover, most cloud-based platforms come with fresh updates and features that constantly upgrade the functions of your LMS account. This intelligent feature makes it easier for you to maintain your cloud system.
Now, there is another specialized feature of this sort of a learning management system. The technical staff members also make sure your cloud-based services are compatible with the latest browsers. This would eliminate the requirement of exorbitantly priced system upgrades every time there is a need to repair your learning management system.

There exist a few cloud-based solutions, which also welcome suggestions from their clients to improve their services.


#5. Greater Storage Space

Another powerful feature of cloud-based learning sites is that you don’t need to make your computer cluttered with information.

Any idea how it works?

Whatever information you place on your LMS, it would be directly uploaded to your LMS account. All your images, graphs, and other types of data would be available on this site. Of course, this would help expand the storage space in the hard disk of your machines.

When any type of content is shared on cloud-based accounts, it can be accessed by approved users including other educators, learners, as well as instructional designers.

Users of cloud-based services would, therefore, not risk losing their information even if they damage their hard drives or misplace their laptops.

This is really quite beneficial for most of the users, since the data can be easily retrieved from your LMS account. In addition, cloud-based sites generally offer a considerable amount of storage space!


#6. Predictable

Affordability is a significant factor that influences consumer buying behavior. If technology offers you a pocket-friendly option, you would definitely dive for it!

Users of cloud-based LMS know the exact amount that they would have to pay each month.

So, the element of ‘cost predictability’ is present in cloud-based learning alternatives. When you are already aware about the exact amount of money you need to shell out after a specific point of time, you find it easier to cooperate with the technical staff.

Unlike traditional software, cloud-based platforms never involve any unforeseen expenditure. Just choose the one that best meets your requirements.

However, you must bear in mind that every cloud-based LMS would have certain service and hosting costs. So, always go for an LMS that does not include any additional package.

Uses of Cloud-based Technology in Classrooms

Do you possess any idea about how cloud-based learning can be implemented inside academic environments? Being familiar with it would also let you know how cloud-based learning makes education smarter!

  1. Group Assignments

Group projects are a compulsory part of every school, college, and university. Students often have a tough time collaborating with their group members, especially if they work on their projects beyond the school hours.

Under such circumstances, students normally have little choice but to make frequent trips to the house of the group leader or their fellow members!

But, you certainly have a better choice if you employ any cloud-based solutions for completing your assignment. Since these services are free of charge, students can easily leverage them to accomplish their goals. They permit multiple users to work on the same assignment simultaneously, thereby making it more convenient for students

You can also use this tool to create projects that require you to represent data in the form of PowerPoint presentations, infographics, reports, graphical illustrations, and so on.

  1. Lectures

Lengthy lectures tend to exhaust students to a great extent.

This is simply because most teachers do not make the extra effort to make their lecture sessions more interesting! But, with a cloud-based learning account, you can realize this dream, dear teachers.

For instance, LMS like ‘SideVibe’ help course instructors build more compact lesson plans and interactive lectures. Teachers can stimulate an interest among learners to focus on their lessons, only if they can analyze and interpret the lectures.

SideVibe redirects users to a particular URL, where students would be able to view the lessons. This saves a substantial amount of time for the students.

Students no longer need to attend their classrooms in order to hear the lectures delivered by their teachers, as they can simply enjoy access to them through their LMS accounts.

  1. Homework Alerts

You cannot rule out habitual procrastinators when you are teaching a group of diverse students in a class!

While most students would love to submit their assignments on time, there might also be some pupils who fail to do so within the specified deadline.

Now, there are many students who keep on forgetting about their assignments or projects.

I have often met teachers who wish they could make attempts to set regular reminders for students to help them remember about completing their homework on time.

Cloud-based learning systems would ensure that students receive timely reminders or alerts.

For instance, students would receive the reminders on their mobile devices, as they always carry them while travelling. There is yet another added advantage to this. Educators can develop course content, notes, and projects that can be accessed by students anytime.

  1. Compelling Classrooms

Learning a foreign language never seemed more favorable for any kind of learner! I bet students would prefer learning a new language directly from a native speaker without visiting a tutor.

Classrooms that integrate cloud-based LMS in their sessions have been cruising along smartly in terms of educating their learners!

For instance, imagine that you are attending a class that aims to teach you German. You are looking at a webcam placed alongside a computer that has been set up in your classroom. The person you are interacting with is your German teacher who is based out of Frankfurt, Germany.

You and your teacher are miles apart, yet your objective of learning the German language is met, quite conveniently and beautifully, thanks to cloud-based learning.



  1. Class Management

As a high school student, I often noticed our class representative shuffling through hand-written notes, waiting to hand them over to the students.

I also observed how our teachers struggled to come to terms with a change of classes or a change in the school routine, handing out notices to students, written on papers.

Don’t you feel this is a tedious process of classroom management?

Cloud-based learning programs like ‘LiveSchool’ assist teachers and students in maintaining all the necessary information about their classes on a common digital platform. Therefore, instead of going through piles of papers in the cabinet, looking for the class schedule, all you got to do is log into your LMS account and check it.

Cloud-based learning management systems are some of the most advanced learning solutions for modern students. Are you ready to embrace the cloud-based technology in your classroom?

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