Health Resolutions That All Students Must Follow

Health Resolutions That All Students Must Follow

In the beginning of a year you have the opportunity to make important resolutions as well as commitments to improve quality of lives. There are a few parents who also involve their own kids in such decisions including making resolutions. Kid’s health is a serious matter and all the parents should encourage their children to take strong resolutions. Here are a few generic health resolutions that any student or child follows to become strong and healthy like never before.


Restrict Sodas and other Sugary Food

Ask the children to keep simplistic goals. It is vital to keep goals that they can accomplish at the end of the year. You should educate them about the side effects of eating as well as drinking too much amount of sugar or other sugary products. Then you should restrict the total amount of sugar intake on a regular basis. Tell them to enjoy sugary products only during the weekends. Try to convince them by telling that consuming sugar content can make them obese. In India and in different other countries obesity also leads to other health issues such as diabetes, cardiac problems and so on. Do you know that every twenty seconds a kid dies due to diseases that can be easily prevented? The Indian Academy of Pediatrics reports so. Mere negligence and awareness are responsible for such things.  Proper health knowledge of the children is therefore the call of the time.

Most children feel sad and upset to discard their habits of enjoying chocolates, sweets and other things. Narrate them about the harmful effects of consuming these sweet products and help them to improve their moods. You should take go slow and steady and in due course of time, you must remove the sugary products from your kid’s diet completely. You should always remember that moderation is essential key to healthy living and so you must not start by curbing sugar content all of a sudden.

Get Them Involved In Sports

Eating good and healthy food is just one vital aspect of healthy lifestyle. Being involved in activity throughout the day is equally important. Make sure that you involve your children or students in sports or in any other co-curricular activities. It is indeed a nice way to get the children to participate in workout session in joyful mood. The conventional sports such as football, basketball as well as soccer call for diverse cardiovascular exercising as well as strength training. For those kids who are not keen to participate in these competitive games, then activities such as dancing or skateboarding are nice alternative options for them.

Pack Lunches

To ensure that your kid is getting healthy lunch, you should always prepare lunch at home. Do not buy junk food for them. Also involve your children in this process of packing lunch and also ask them to choose options for healthy food only. Make sure that they choose fruit juices over soda or even fresh fruits over any sugary snack. Involve these kids in choosing healthy food options and keep up their resolution of improving their health in future.

Do you wish to know about specific health resolutions for different age groups? Have a look in the following.

For Pre-School Kids:

The pre-school students should clean their own toys. It can teach your kids to become more responsible and also develop the habit to keep the house neat and tidy.

Another resolution is to brush teeth at least two times every day. Plus, they should also wash their hands before eating and also after going to bathroom.

Teasing dogs should be avoided. They should always keep fingers and also their faces away from mouths to prevent being bitten up by the animals. According to experts, kids who are below five years ae at greatest risk of physical injuries and infection from animals

For Children Aged Five to Twelve Years

The children should always drink milk or water and avoid soda or fruit drinks. Before they go out, they should always use sunscreen. Even while playing sports, it is advisable that they should use sunglasses or hat.

They should play soccer or basketball or get involved with activities such as jumping ropes, playing tags or riding bikes. Children should work out for a minimum time period of sixty minutes for at least three days every week.

Special care also should be taken while riding a car or a bicycle. Children must not forget to wear helmets when they ride a bicycle. Make sure they should always wear their seat belts while traveling a car. They should sit in the back seat and make use of booster seat till they are tall enough to use seat belt that is up to the length of the shoulder.

For Children who is thirteen or even more

It is important that a child should eat at least one type of vegetable as well as fruit on a daily basis. The children must not drink too much soda water. The best option is that they should east different colors of vegetables as well as fruits. They should mainly drink skimmed milk or water and avoid sports drinks or flavored water with large amount of sugar content.

Instead of watching television shows or video games, they should spend at least one or two hours every day on this type of physical activities. If the children get angry or even feel stressed out, they should take break for few minutes and find out some constructive ways so that they can cope up well with this kind of stressful situation. For example they can exercise, read books, write in school journals and so on.

If they have to take a crucial decision, they should always talk to adults. Long years of can help the adults guide the little ones in different matters.

Your children should not be victims of peer pressure and try out drugs or alcohol at any point of time. Whenever they watch their friends engaging in risky behaviors, they should immediately report it to an adult or find out ways to prevent their friends from all sorts of danger.

Help your children to follow these simple resolutions and help them to develop healthy lifestyle.


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