Essential guidelines for a Prospective Career in Digital Marketing

Essential guidelines for a Prospective Career in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing, an emerging career, offers an innovative and new platform for promotion and marketing. With the aim to attract and retain the target audience, digital marketing makes use of digital technologies. The growth in ecommerce has led to the emergence of digital marketing and the popularity of jobs in this domain. This enables a company to promote itself and maintain a rapport with the potential customers, making a mark in the market.


Digital marketing opens a galore of job opportunities like content writing, preparing report and analyzing, website promotion through social media, website designing, marketing etc. There is much to explore in this creative job domain with the vital suggestions and career guidance tips mentioned below:

The Required Skills for the Domain

Do you have passion and a creative spark within you for internet? Then Digital Marketing is the right option for you but to make a career in this domain, professionals need to nurture and acquire specific skills such as:

  • Analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Market leadership
  • Digital advertising
  • Writing skills
  • Soft Skills

Essential Qualifications for Digital Marketing

Incorporating digital media in marketing campaigns is a growing necessity with the increasing emphasis on social media. However, essential qualifications are required to excel in the respective domain and gain proficiency in digital media. The qualifications fundamental to the profession are:

  • The profession being related to statistics, science, e-commerce and artistic visualization, a bachelor degree in any stream is acceptable. However, a degree in technology and/ or marketing is more promising
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Executive Programme in Digital Marketing (EPDM)
  • IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) approved programs
  • M.Sc. in Digital Marketing

The courses must cover the subject in details with emphasis to search engine optimization, search engine marketing and e-mail marketing. With the increasing popularity of the job many institutes are now organizing seminars and workshops conducted by expert teachers and tutors who impart knowledge about the required skills and expertise to excel in the field. Enthusiastic students and professionals can attend these to gain proficiency for a rewarding career.

Career Scope in Digital Marketing

The world is increasingly becoming digitized and a career in Digital Marketing is awarding. The gaining impetus of online shopping, education, trips, jobs and other activities has opened a galore of opportunities in this domain for the aspirants aiming to attain a successful career. Some of the prospective job offers are:

  • Social Media Marketing

With social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn increasingly gaining popularity, the domain of Social Media Marketing is attracting the attention of many. Social media offers the platform to promote the brand image of the company through drawing website traffic.

  • Email Marketing

For a steady growth it’s important to maintain and retain contact with customers, clients and leads, notifying them about the developments of the company. For this, email notifications, newsletters, circulars are sent to the subscribers sharing the recent updates.

  • Copywriter/Content writer:

Quality and updated content attracts good traffic to the website as people are constantly browsing the internet seeking answers or posting queries. Thus, blogging, creating ads, writing content is a good career option in digital marketing

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the effective way to improve the ranking of a website and the visibility in the leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google. Modifying websites and writing Search Engine Optimized content is an important aspect of Digital Marketing.

  • Web designer/Developer:

Every company needs to maintain an impressive website that reflects its history, work details and all the recent updates that proves as a marketing campaign. If you have myriad concepts and the passion to design then web designing can be a rewarding career for you.

  • SEM

Search Engine marketing, referred to as internet marketing, is another form of promoting the websites by increasing the visibility of web pages through advertising. The specialists need to have knowledge about purchasing traffic via paid search listing to achieve higher ranking.

  • Mobile Marketing

With smartphones ruling the market and a craze among all age groups, mobile marketing is a sought after job offering instant promo offers, updates, information about the interest of customers and promotes services, goods and ideas.

  • Web Analytics

This encompasses market research, traffic analysis that develops website traffic and through which one can track what the browsers are using websites or insight about the visitors, marketing campaigns etc.

Harnessing the business oriented strategies of digital marketing, companies can build long-run trustworthy relationships with their customers. Being a professional you need to understand the required field of digital marketing that would prove to most effective.


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