Guidelines for Improving Your Reasoning Skills

Nov 30, 2016


Having a high degree of reasoning skills can improve you immensely as a person. Few people are fortunate enough to be born with the personal discipline required for this skill. But, the good news is this is an acquirable personal skill. With proper application and following time-tested guidelines, you will be able to inculcate this personal skill into your daily life. Once acquired, you will find immense help during your education and professional life. This skill is helpful to a great deal in maintaining and improving interpersonal relationships.

A structured approach towards the development of this skill will go a long way to acquire the same. In order to achieve this goal, you need to work in these three broad aspects of your mental thought process – (1) Changing your pattern of thought (2) Spur your critical thinking (3) Identifying the irrational thoughts.

Changing your Thought Pattern

Since your young age, different institutes condition you to think and react in a particular way. While instinct always plays an important role in your response to a situation, you may condition your mind to mind to change the way you react. These pointers below will be helpful.

Think about Why

Identify the purpose behind your day-to-day actions. Always try to keep in mind your long-term goals. Then try to work towards that by constantly thinking whether your daily actions are tiny steps towards fulfillment of that goal.

Be Aware of the Consequences

You should try to form an idea about the possible outcomes of your decision. Use your imaginative skills to form various scenarios of the possible outcomes. This will help you to identify the worst-case and best-case situations and your possible responses in each case.

Spur your Critical Thinking

The general idea behind this is to broaden your mind. Like your body, the mind also requires exertion to keep functioning at its best. To this end, you may follow the guidelines below.

Try to Learn Something New

Tutor your mind to learn something you have not experienced earlier. It is a great way to improve reasoning skills of your mind. Make sure you are choosing something in an unfamiliar domain. For example, if you love outdoor sports, try to learn how to cook a full meal. This will sharpen your mind and additionally you will be using a lot of reasoning unconsciously while learning something new.

Work Out

In today’s age of digital media and handheld devices, the physical workout is often ignored. It is proven that a healthy body will house an efficiently working brain. Moreover, exercise de-stresses you and reduces the anxiety levels. Do incorporate physical activities into your daily routine for general improved physical and mental health.

Keep a Diary

Keeping a record of your daily activities does help in improving your reasoning skills. It makes you revisit your day, offers the chance of introspection and reflection on your actions and decisions during this time. This also improves your thought process and keeps track of the improvements you could have made at certain points.

Read Books

As the age old saying goes, “books are the food for your mind”. Books in general and fiction, in particular, prepare you for the inevitable surprises in real life. Moreover, you become familiar with the so-called "gray areas" that we come across in our life. To quote, “you live only once, but books make you live a thousand lifetimes”.

Identifying the Irrational Thoughts

These thoughts are destructive to your reasoning skills. Try not to generalize based on the outcome of a certain situation. Do not take decisions or at least postpone the activity while you are stressed or upset. Try to read a particular situation in an objective way while staying unbiased.


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