Tips to prepare General Awareness for Government Competitive Examinations

Nov 09, 2017

Students preparing for Government competitive examinations face a whole lot of trouble with the General Awareness (GA) section because of the vast nature of the subject.

The GA section of written examinations must always be held in high esteem because it can not only help you score big in less time, but it can also help you perform well in interviews or group discussions that may follow soon afterward.

Some of the major topics covered by the GA section include the following ones, in general:

  • Physical Geography

  • Indian and World History

  • Indian and World Geography

  • Everyday Science (including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

  • International Organizations

  • Awards and Honors

  • Indian Polity

  • Indian Economy

  • Current Affairs

  • Constitution

  • Current Affairs

  • Other Miscellaneous GK

Preparing General Awareness: A few tips and tricks

1. Read daily newspapers RELIGIOUSLY

  • The “old is gold” proverb is fully applicable as far as the GA section preparation is concerned. You must create a habit of reading newspapers consistently. In fact, we would recommend you to read more than one paper to significantly improve your GA preparation for good.

  • Try to include two regular newspapers in your daily reading list: one of your mother tongue and the other of English.

  • Some of the most useful and recommended newspapers for Government examination preparations are The Hindu, The Telegraph, and the Times of India.

  • And finally, keep a special tab on the editorial section of the newspapers if you are an enthusiastic IAS aspirant, in particular.

2. Watch special current affairs programs on TV

  • We are not asking you to watch news channels regularly. Instead, we are advising you to watch special current affair programs that most news channel host (like “12 minutes; 12 news,” etc.) at least once a day. These can really help you a lot top in staying updated with information.

  • Recommended channels for special current affair programs would be ABP News, Times Now, NDTV, Zee News, etc.

3. Maintain important exam notes

  • Always keep short notes of the things that you think are important enough from the exam point of view. The flash card technique can also come in handy for this purpose of yours.

  • When learning GA facts and figures, write them down on your notebook first and then try to memorize the same. Writing them down will help you remember them better. This practice would also ensure that your important record is maintained for the exam day.

4. Refer to the internet

  • If you are looking for study resources on the internet, we can safely say that the list is unending. The best three, as usual, are Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia. Use them to your advantage. They won’t even cost you a dime.

  • Plenty of Q&A forums are there on the internet that you can also avail for GA preparation. Here’s one for your reference.

5. Read general knowledge books and magazines as thoroughly as possible

  • General knowledge books and magazines are always a great option for preparing the GA section of Government competitive examinations.

  • Some of the best examples of these magazines are:

i) Pratiyogita Darpan,

ii) Competition Success Review,

iii) Competition Success Vision,

iv) Competition Master,

v) Civil Services Times,

vi) Chronicle,

vii) Yojana,

viii) Success mirror,

ix) CSAT Chronicle,

x) Samanya Gyan Darpan.

6. Maintain a diary

It is very important that you keep a diary on your daily preparation topics so you can keep a track on your progress and the loopholes needing the fix as soon as possible.

The very same diary can also come in handy for last minute preparations. So don’t ignore this point at any possible cost for your own good.


7. Participate in timed GA mock tests and quizzes

Mock tests are the only way of getting yourself exam ready in the least amount of time.

Plenty of them are available on the internet, and that too for free. Just use them to your advantage. They are effective; there’s no doubt about it.

So this is where we’ll bring this article to an end now. Hope the seven tips mentioned above come in handy for your purpose. Here’s a toast to your success.

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