Fresher Jobs 2014-15: India Inc’s Top 10 sectors to Look Out For

You’ve got a fresh new degree, a bright and promising career ahead of you and the world is your oyster – sounds terrifying, isn’t it? Fear not, graduates as we bring in here a comprehensive career advice encompassing some of the sectors that will be creating jobs in 2014-15. Apart from this, the advice guide also covers few must note down resume making tips for you.

You Dream World at Your Feet!

The actual battle begins right after you leave the college and step onto the porch of your job hunt arena; with a feeling to bag the top job in a growing sector. This search is often mixed with a lot of expectations and emotions, which has to be applied correctly so as to not to pitch in for a wrong profile. You have a degree from a good Indian institute and a dream of having a bright career ahead; sounds quite like a trying situation but there is nothing to fear as the hard numbers and facts are now public and the employment market is again going to roar loud.

Put the Best Step Forward:

Before landing into the field, it is imperative that the first impression send out is the best one and should effectively direct an opportunity towards you. The only piece of paper that carries your entire knowledge in a more organized form for the recruiter is your resume.

However, just about mentioning your skills and highlighting your degree would not be enough. There should be some technique so as to make your resume worth reading and reach onto the correct hands within a company. Here is what you can do:

One of the top online portals working on a global platform offering career related services for professionals across the sectors say that if a candidate wants his/her resume reaching onto right hands and assuring a good job, it then needs to have the right keywords. There are companies and MNCs based out in various regions of India, wherein, Human Resource (HR) professionals bring forth urgent job openings and broadcast it through mass mailing.

The process fetches thousands of resumes that are stored simultaneously into the data bank of the company; however, companies delegate the job of screening the resume to professionals who do away with the process by making use of keywords related to the opening or the job role with the aid of certain software programs. There are certain points that should be kept in mind:

Jobs in India

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  • Step into the shoes of the recruiter and construct your resume in a way that it contains phrases that the hiring manager can use while searching or fitting your CV with the job role
  • Keywords should be wisely chosen because automated systems perform the task on the basis of the keywords that have been fed into the computer system
    • If an aspiring software professional is applying for a job that says “deep knowledge of database-Foxpro” in the job description, the phrases “database-Foxpro” and its common acronym “DB-Foxpro” is required to be mentioned in the CV quite a number of times so that it gets some priority
    • Break the requirement mentioned in the job description into several parts
      • For example, if a job description stresses “a high proficiency in C++ programming”, then the CV can reflect this into several parts, such as, have done specialization in C++, have done college level semester projects on Automating Library management in C++. This may not win you any brownie points but can surely keep you ahead of all the routine, regular CVs
      • Do not apply multiple times to the same company for the same job role
      • Frame trending keywords subjectively to bring in more limelight
      • Make a clear concise CV
      • Tweaking with summary and skills area a little can be of some help

Lastly, if you feel that you as a fresh graduate are lacking that “required expertise” to frame a correct CV; then there are some of the premium resume writing services offered by known Indian online classified companies. Avail the service at cheap prices and get your CV ready for the final battle, which is Job Search.

Top Sectors to Create Jobs in 2014-15

Now that you have or have got your resume framed as per the demands and the industry, you are keen on joining; it’s time to roll up your sleeves and land onto the real practical job market.

India is going through a favorable time on economic grounds, albeit slowly. If the hard numbers are taken into consideration then as per a latest report published on the national news portal, Hindustan Times-unlike last calendar year the mid quarter of 2014 is likely to witness growth in almost all the sectors in India Inc that will be on a hiring spree. There are several fields that will be creating jobs as per this very exclusive report, which are banking, infrastructure and retail being regarded as the three most promising sectors of 2014.

Another report published on a known India based news portal, Business Today, there are sectors like Information Technology (IT), Automobile and Banking that have risen from a slowdown and now are ready to welcome more fresh graduates on board. Apart from this, there are certain companies of high brand value falling in the mentioned sectors who are expanding their business verticals with an aim to bring in revenue; therefore, aspirants can expect a good starting pay scale as well.

Go for These Sectors and Pitch in For a Top Job:

The sectors that are mentioned above are going to be the ones in India Inc creating maximum number of jobs for fresh graduates. You don’t have to worry if you are a BBA or a Charted Accountant (CA) or a qualified Company Secretary (CS); these sectors are such that they don’t roll out job openings for degree oriented roles. Moreover, companies nowadays are also keen on hiring language experts, especially foreign like Japanese, Spanish and French, to name a few for their projects involving communicating with such clients.

An engineering graduate or a technology graduate can also apply to retail and banks as there are IT related openings like database handlers, IT officers and many more that requires you to crack an entrance test and be part of the firm as an intern and progress further.

Summarizing for a clearer idea, here is a list of sectors that you, as a fresh graduate can look forward to by starting of mid quarter of 2014:

  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Banking
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Automobile
  • FMCG & Consumer Discretionary

There are other fields where a graduate of almost any stream can look out for good paid jobs:

  • Indian Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Durables
  • Metals
  • Health Care

These fields are niche and after fighting through the storms of the economic slowdown, are ready to pump in life into the job market. Nowadays, the processes and ways of finding jobs have changed and there are premium job searching portals available in the online space that can make your search for the right opportunity better and easier. These sites can enable aspirants to get the best job in their chosen fields with the option of setting the pay expectations as well.

Last Words:

The scenario has changed and now Indian economy is flourishing, though a bit slower. This economic uprising is bringing in life to the job market of the country and some of the mostly flocked and niche sectors are promising better jobs for the graduates.


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