Few Ways to learn C Language Easily!

Jul 18, 2014

“C” language is one of the premier computer programming languages developed during 70s and till date, it is quite popular amongst the software developers. Learning C is the best way to introduce yourself to complex languages. Indeed the knowledge you acquire from C language is valuable in learning the other computer programming language and also helps you to gather knowledge about application development as well. Here are a few steps that you must follow and become an expert in C language.

Download as well as install compiler

This language code should be compiled by program that effectively interprets code into signals that only machine can understand. All the compilers are available at free of cost and there are different types of compilers available for diverse operating systems. For example, for Windows OS, MS Visual Studio Express may be used. XCode is good for Mac computers, while GCC is ideal option for Linux.

Gather knowledge about basics

In the beginning, this powerful programming language was designed for Unix OS but later it was expanded to become suitable for all the popular operating systems. C++ is the most modern version of C language. Generally C comprises of functions and you can also use conditional statements, variables as well as loops for storing and manipulating data.

Know about few basic codes

As a programmer, you should develop an idea how different aspects of language work together and how the entire program functions. For example, # include command is used before the beginning of program begins or this command even loads the libraries that comprise functions you require. The command ‘int main ()’ tells compiler that program is running function called ‘main’ and also it may return integer while it is completed. All C computer programs run ‘main’ function. The command ‘{}’ indicates that everything inside them is an integral part of main function. The command return 0 indicates end of function.

Compile program

The next step is to enter code in code editor and also save it just as “*.c” file. Then you must compile it inside the compiler by clicking the button Build or Run.

Comment on the codes

Make sure that you always comment on codes. The comments are integral part of code that is not compiled but only allows you to explain what is exactly happening. It is quite useful to remind yourself about the functionality of code and also to help the developers who also might be looking at codes. For example, if you want to comment in C, you must use /* in the beginning of comment and also */ at its end. You have to comment on all, especially on the basic parts of code. All the comments are used for removing parts of code quickly and that too without omitting them. You simply have to enclose code you wish to exclude comment tags and also compile. When you wish to add the code again, you can remove tags.

Understand function of variables

These variables help you to store data, either from computations in program or also from the user input. And these variables have to be defined before you make use of them. There are different types of variables available for you. Ensure that you choose the right ones. Few common variables include float, char as well as int. It is important to remember that each variable stores different types of data.

Understand fundamentals of the conditional statements

For better programing, you must learn about conditional statements. These are statement that are either ‘true’ or ‘false’ and also acted upon on the basis of result. ‘If’ is the most basic of other conditional statements.  For example, TRUE as well as FALSE use in a different way. TRUE statements end up equaling non-zero number. Whenever you perform comparisons and if result is TRUE, then ‘1’ is effectively returned. When result happens to be FALSE, then ‘0’ is being returned. You can thus understand how these IF statements are being processed.

Write the basic IF statement

Use these statements in order to determine what programs should do next after a statement is being evaluated. You may combine it with different conditional statements to create powerful diverse options.

Learn about the functioning of loops

The loops are the vital aspects of software programming as they help you to repeat the blocks of the code until the particular conditions are required. It can make repeating actions quite easy to implement and allows you to write few conditional statement every time you wish something to occur. FOR, DO…WHILE and WHILE are three major kinds of loops being popularly used in the present times.

Understand the basics of functions

All these functions are the self-contained code blocks that may be called by different parts of program. As a result, you can repeat codes easily and allow the programs quite easier to read as well as change. Make sure that you use these functions in order to streamline the program.

Begin with outline

All these functions can be best created when a developer outlines whatever you wish in order to accomplish before you start the actual coding. The fundamental syntax for functions is ‘return_type name (argument 1, argument2, etc)’.

Join courses

Many developers join courses on C computer language to gain proficiency in the language. There are multiple centers developed near your locality, colleges and few other institutes. If you are a working professional and do not have sufficient amount of time you can also get enrolled to online courses.

Try to learn C++

Once you have completed learn C++, you must try to learn C++. It is an updated version of this language and allows lot of flexibility as a programmer. C++ is effectively designed for better object handling and your knowledge about C++ may allow you to develop powerful programs for any operating system.

Follow these essential steps and learn C language without any difficult. To know about other courses on computer technology you may post your queries at My Private Tutor.

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