Facing a Bully in School

Jul 06, 2016

Bullying causes more harm to children than you can imagine. Some of the scars from bullying last a lifetime and children find it difficult to cope with various factors of life emotionally. Adults play an important role in helping kids deal with bullies and keep them safe. Adults should always be aware of what is happening with their kids. They should look for signs in the kid's behavior. If the kid tends to stay aloof or behave angry or even seem depressed, the warning bell should ring immediately and adults should spring into action. Kids have a right to be safe from school bullies. Adults need to act responsibly and quickly. Always coach your children to set good examples in society and avoid becoming bullies themselves.

Bullying in school has been a very old problem. It can be done by an individual or a group of bullies trying to create an imbalance of power. The various forms of bullying include neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. The behavior of bullying is random and can be committed anywhere without reason. Bullying can be extremely detrimental to children and they tend to become anti social and get involved in various anti social activities. Many times the effects of bullying, including cyber bullying, are not noticed by parents and teachers. Adults should learn to read the warning signs. These signs can be verbal or non verbal. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Being afraid to walk to school and walk back from school
  • Avoid getting on the school bus
  • Faking illness every morning to avoid going to school
  • Returning from school with books and clothes destroyed
  • Suddenly losing all the pocket money
  • Sleeping a lot or sleeping too little

Once parents come to know that their child is being bullied, they should never tell the child to forget what happened and move on. Parents should never downplay the situation or tell the child that they are being too sensitive. Also parents should never blame the child for being a victim of bullying. There are many ways to protect a child from being a victim of bullying. Here are some tips to avoid being bullied.

  • Take your child seriously. Bullying is a serious offence and you should encourage your child to speak up against the offence.
  • Get in touch with the school immediately and inform them of what is happening. If need be, take appropriate action against the offender based on the school's policies on bullying. This will gain your child's confidence as well.
  • Meet with the parents of the bully in the presence of school authorities. Try and involve a mediator or local law enforcement if necessary.

If these measures do not work, there are extreme measures that a parent can take.

  • Meet with the school superintendent.
  • Have a meeting with the school board commissioners.
  • Try and get the child transferred to a different school.
  • Get law enforcement involved in case of any abuse meted to your child.

Parents can also play a crucial role in tackling potential bullying encounters. Parents can try role playing with their child to help them react in a better way and help them control their emotions in case of harassment. Bullies normally become a lot more aggressive if the victim shows signs of emotional weakness by reacting in a negative way. Bullies can also become angry if their victim ignores their harassment. These bullies can go to extreme measures to try and gain attention from their targets. Finding the right balance between ignorance and reaction is where parents can help their children through role playing. Your child's mental and physical well being should always be your number one priority. Never ignore obvious warning signs and always be aware of what is happening in your child's life.

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