Experience a Rewarding Career in Robotics With Robo Zone

Experience a Rewarding Career in Robotics With Robo Zone

Robotics is a dynamic field incorporating the design, functional use and maintenance of robots. These machines are used in several capacities, including manufacturing, transportation, surgery, weaponry, safety, research and the mass production of consumer goods.

Robotics is one branch of artificial intelligence. The field of computer science and engineering concerned with creating robots, devices that can move and react to sensory input.


Pursuing Education in Robotics

1Robotics nowadays have evolved into a popular educational subject with best and reputed institutes, colleges and universities offering training in varied topics and developing the skill sets of the potential students. The courses generate and develop ideas about applications and designs expanding the prospects of Robotics. Several middle and high schools now train students about Robotics. Several universities now include programming of a robot in their computer science programs.

Robotics Training

Several esteemed universities offer degrees like bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in Robotics field. Moreover, summer camps are also conducted on Robotics, offering varied interesting topics in designing of robots.

Colleges offering B.Tech And M.Tech Mechatronics

Engineering Courses with B.Tech degree in Mechatronics will offer knowledge of both Mechanics and Electronics. M. Tech in Robotics offer specialization in the field of Robotics and helping you pursue career in the concerned field.

B. Tech Degree in Robotics Colleges

  • Bharath Institute of Higher Education & Research (Tamil Nadu)
  • Maharishi Markandeshwar Engineering College (Haryana)
  • SRM University, chennai (Tamil Nadu)
  • Manipal University (Karnataka)
  • Sardar Patel University (Gujarat)

M. Tech in Robotics Colleges

  • The Centre for Robotics and Mechatronics at IIT-Kanpur
  • Amity University, UP
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • The University of Hyderabad.
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology
  • The Institute of Technology under Banaras Hindu University
  • The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani
  • SRM institute of Science and Technology

Job Role of Robotics Engineer

The field of Robots is a diverse field where the job role of the professional varies greatly as per the function application and construction of Robotics. The work specializes in creating, designing, testing and troubleshooting all sorts of problems with robots. The job field emphasizes on the following:

  • Designing and application of robot systems
  • Developing automated manufacturing systems
  • Extensive research work in different robotic and mechanical technologies
  • Uses of assorted design software
  • Making use of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Research work on Robotics applications in various fields
  • Installing of robots or robot safety systems
  • Installation and removal of Robot
  • Programming robot for manually or electronically instructing a series of moves
  • Troubleshooting robot malfunctions through microprocessors, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics
  • Training other technicians in Robotics
  • Maintenance and repair of Robots

Robotics Centers

Robotics engineering is one of the thriving professional careers with ample opportunities. The demand of Robotics engineers in varied fields like manufacturing plants, laboratories, space exploration, gaming industries, mining and others have boosted the growth and development of varied Robotics centers in several towns and cities.


3Robo Zone is the first specialized Robotics center in Kolkata aiming to train students about the in-depth concepts of technology science, engineering, technology & Mathematics. The courses, well framed by the skilled and experienced tutors, offer youngsters the right skills and talents to attain expertise and nurture their skills in Robotics. Robo Zone is helping children exploring their potentials, offering a unique learning platform where students are trained on International Standard LEGO Kits and following STEM education curricula. It offers access to conducting several experiments based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

At Robo Zone our motto is, “continuous learning, persistent education and right Knowledge “in FUN Ways. Presently, we have 9-15 students enrolled in our institute who actively participate in developing innovative ideas, designs, building and programming. The kit elements are hygienic and safe to use and programming software are also licensed.


The courses have been designed competently by our experts and have been segregated into varied programs from basic to advance level with emphasis on engrossing activities to learn and experience. The courses are of 5 classes, 8 classes, 10 classes, 15 classes and will be imparted through theoretical, practical and hands on training that provides comprehensive knowledge about Robotics. After the completion of the course students are offered a certificate that establishes you as an expert in Robotics.

Be a part of the ROBO ZONE today to experience the wonder world of Robotics that not only enhances your know-how but also boosts your future career.


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