Essential Reasons to Learn 'C' Language

Essential Reasons to Learn

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‘C’, referred to as the best programming language, is the life line of computers that has been popular with the programmers. Endowed with outstanding business and industrial applications, C program finds wide usage in both IT and non IT sectors for diverse computer programs.


Complimented with structured programming, several other high level languages have borrowed from ‘C’ like Java, JavaScript, Verilog, PHP, Rust, Limbo, Python, Objective-C, Perl etc. C++ is another advanced programming language that makes programming more enjoyable. ‘C’ programming has diverse applications that includes- Operating Systems, Assemblers, Text Editors, Print Spoolers, Utilities, Modern Programs, Network Drivers, Data Bases, Language Interpreters, Language Compilers and Stimulators.

With the upsurge in technology and ever growing demand for the language, any aspirant with C, C# or C++ skills have a bright prospect in career.

Key Attributes of ‘C’

The mostly used programming language, C is widely employed in computer technology. It has set the platform to develop several languages and can be used for different purposes:

  • Modularity: C can be split into many modules known as sub modules that make it more structured. The modules can thus be used again that helps in completing projects on time and debugging becomes easier and faster.
  • Middle level language: It has the advantages of both low level as well as high level languages. Writing Assembly Language codes is easy in C programming
  • Portability: The software can be installed on different platform or in any operating system like Dos, Unix or Windows. It has highest degree of portability.
  • Powerful programming language: It’s a powerful programming language that can be used to design system software and for data structures. It offers functions, data types, control and loop control statements.
  • Can be extended: Many new features can be added to it, extending the software
  • It can be case sensitive language
  • It has many logical and arithmetical operators
  • Pointers: The pointers can be effectively used that has access to memory.
  • Speed: The speed of the programs written in ‘C’ language match to those written in assembly language. It is thus, used for developing system software.
  • C Language character set: It encompasses usage of several characters like
Lower case letters: a b c d e f……x y z
Upper case letters: A B C D E F….X Y Z
Digits: 0 1 2 3 4 5 …9
White space characters: new line, blank, tab space etc.
Characters: ( ) { } [ ] * – + & $ % #’: ; “

Learning ‘C’ for A Prospective Career

Being the most used professional language, it’s essential to gain expertise in ‘C’ language that enhances your chances of being recruited in a reputed company. It is employed in all professional setting and must be mastered for diverse reasons:

  • It has high level constructs
  • It produces efficient programs
  • It has low level activities
  • It is the foundation of the modern IT world
  • It is the base of computer science
  • C is the language for hardware interface
  • It’s used for data acquisition
  • More than 90% of the programs like e-mails, operating systems, word processors, web browsers are all written C or C++
  • It supports several operators-Unary operators, Binary operator, ternary operator
  • It’s the programming language used in colleges and universities for research and teaching subjects like technology, science, mathematics and engineering.
  • Almost all programming languages are associated with ‘C’ like Java, C++, Objective-C, Python, Perl, Lua, PHP, Bash and Ruby
  • C illustrates the principles of computer functioning, software development and scientific computing.
  • Gives knowledge of fundamental programming concepts like operators, debugging, functions, data types, control structures, input and output etc
  • It is a standardized programming language
  • ‘C’ is essential for varied professions such as IT industry, advertising, marketing, creative, journalism and others.

Career Options

‘C’ is the best choice for system programmers and is used in Operating Systems and for developing applications. Candidates having knowledge about C have a bright scope and are highly demanded in multitude fields and sectors such as:

  • Systems Programming
  • Embedded Systems
  • Space Research
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Image Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Game Programming

The rising competitions will sure surely give you an edge if you have the required skills in ‘C’ that the recruiters are looking for. So just join in a course to master the language and get placed in top reputed companies.


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