Essential Questions to Expect During a School Interview

Essential Questions to Expect During a School Interview

The beginning of the academic life of a child offers exciting experiences to parents. The first such experience is to train your child effectively to confidently appear for the school interview sessions and answer questions assertively. School interviews earlier were optional but nowadays it is a mandatory and essential procedure for the admission of the students.


With the growing demand in the educational sector the competition is high and hence preparing your child for the admission in the best school can be a challenging task. An admission panel sits with certain lists of questions and turn wise conducts question answer sessions enquiring about details of the students. The answers given by the child are later judged on several grounds before the final selection is done. The purpose of these tests is to analyze the articulation and confidence level of the children, their interests and the goal to achieve in life.

So, always encourage your child to give thoughtful answers during the interview session and not regurgitate memorized answers. Identify your little wonder’s talent to perfectly nurture them for the most successful interview experience.

Questions Likely to be Asked in School Interview

Facing a school interview can be the final steps for your child to crack the private school application process and getting admitted in the school. In recent times private schools are greatly emphasizing on interviews which forms a major deciding factor for admittance. Hence, it’s highly recommended to prepare your child for the interviews and the ways to confidently face the questions. Here are some common questions to help you with the interview process.

  • Why have you chosen this particular school?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions where the updated information of the students about the school is sought for. Students must be aware of the educational structure of the school, the classes conducted, after school programs, teaching staffs, sports events, lab facilities, exam procedure, extracurricular activities, infrastructure and consistent help offered to students.

  • What interesting updates you have about the current events?

The answers of the student reflect his/her updated information and general knowledge about current affairs and education. Encourage your child to read newspaper, watch TV, follow the news, read books and magazines and browse the internet to gather knowledge. Have discussions with them that will further enhance their knowledge and the ways to converse.

  • What are your interests and hobbies?

Schools look for enthusiastic children having the passion to learn and master something new. Interests and hobbies help a child to learn and grow and can range from any type such as playing outdoor games, internet surfing, reading, drawing, singing, dancing, cycling, swimming, video games and others. A keen interest towards these gives a positive feedback to the interviewer.

  • Which types of books you enjoy reading?

Book reading is an essential habit that must be inculcated in the child from his or her childhood days. This question is asked to verify the interest of the students towards book reading. Mentioning certain names of books and their writers will reflect about the child’s taste and awareness, together with developing their imagination power and ideas about story telling.

  • Tell us something about your family background?

This is a common interview question where the interviewer wishes to know about the background, their involvement in the child’s growth and development, number of siblings, the child’s relationship with all the members and others. Students can talk about their immediate and extended family.A child who knows his is well aware of his/her roots will be able to display a certain level of confidence that becomes clearly visible to the admission committee.

  • What activities you are involved in outside school?

This question is asked to know about the life of the child outside school that also fosters growth and development. A good list of activities would mean an energetic child having active participation interests.

  • Have you set any goal to achieve during school life?

Interviewers ask this question to enquire about the aim of the students and their zeal to accomplish them. This helps the school to groom the student in the specific way, accurately nurturing his talent.

  • Do you have any special talents or extracurricular achievements?

Schools prefer to have students having extracurricular talents so that they can represent the school at different competitions and also at the national level, thus doing pride to the school. Having talents speaks volumes about the child and his endowments. Schools also cultivate the hidden abilities to further augment them.

  • What is your favorite subject?

The admission committees try to enquire about the interest areas of the students and learn about the weak areas to later enhance their interest levels through proper guidance and support from expert teachers.

  • Do you have any role models in life?

This reflects the interest, choice and focus of the child. Students can mention names of historical icons, stalwarts, innovators, teachers and others that have inspired them. This also shows the knowledge of the child about these esteemed personalities.

  • What are your expectations from the school?

Admission committees ask this question to evaluate the motivation and the enthusiasm of the student to excel in life. The answers reflect the interest of the student to attend the school, the willingness to learn and strive hard. Allow your child to display his desires to grow and his individual views that appeals the interviewer.

Tips to Groom Your Child for the Interviewer

The onset of your child’s academic journey might very exciting but the overall selection procedure for school admission can be stressful. Parents must gear up for the procedure and take effectual steps to guide the child, boosting their confidence level to face the questions and answer them accurately. Certain important tips might prove to be useful

  • Do thorough research of the interview process
  • Get all the details of the school and their admission procedure
  • Improve your child’s conversational abilities, enabling them to speak confidently
  • Boost their confidence so that they can talk freely with the interviewer
  • Groom your child, teaching them good habits and manners such as greeting the teachers, taking permissions, thanking, saying sorry, bidding good bye and others that impresses the interviewer
  • Teach them to be punctual
  • Dress them properly for the main day
  • Educate your child about body language, personality and the art of conversation that impresses the interviewer
  • Develop social etiquettes in them
  • Encourage them to ease out and make them tension free
  • Help your child to open up
  • Train them to be polite

Train and groom your child but never make them memorize; allow them to be creative. Support your child for the testing sessions and prepare them appropriately at home through some question answer sessions. Regular practice sessions and support of the parents prove to be the best ways for the right guidance to crack the school interviews in the successful way.


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