Essential Preparation Tips for a High Rank in GMAT

Essential Preparation Tips for a High Rank in GMAT

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GMAT, the ultimate road to pursue MBA or non MBA graduate program, is the top preference of great business leaders. The GMAT scores remain valid for 5 years so get started, set the goal, begin the preparation to accomplish your dreams to get enrolled in leading business schools.


A reflection into your career, the exam scrutinizes the candidates’ writing, logical and critical reasoning, analytical, verbal, reading and quantitative skills that tests the academic performance. Administered in 600 test centers in 112 countries around the world, the exam requires 4 hours with 3 sections to examine the expertise in business and management. The sections contain

  • Analytical writing assessment – 30 min duration – N/A
  • Integrated reasoning- 30 min- 12 questions
  • Quantitative -1 hr 30 min-37 questions
  • Verbal- 1 hr 15 min- 41 questions

Referred to as the successful predictor of success, GMAT requires dedicated and enthusiastic approach from the students for thriving results. Follow the simple yet essential steps and get the assured seat in your preferred B school.

Effective Guidelines-Score High Marks

Score high in the Graduate Management Admission Test with the best preparation guidance. Get started today and increase your chances of success in the exams:

Start early preparations: GMAT preparation is a time taking affair. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to understand the concepts and topics. Hence, preparation for the exams must begin at least 4 to 6 months before the exam date.

Get familiarized: Aspirants must get familiarized with the principles and structures of the GMAT exams. Go through the FAQs as well as practice tests downloading GMAT Prep that includes essential questions, format and the scoring pattern of each section. Moreover, also keep in mind the application deadline and fill the forms accordingly.

Training institute: Students must look for a reputed institute that offers the best guidance to prepare for the exams. Do an exhaustive research, compare the results and then join the best classes or training centre that perfectly guides you for the exams and offers help of expert teachers.

Training sessions: To score a distinct rank in exams it’s important to nurture your talent and skills and learn about the tricks and concepts of attempting the questions. Training classes must include guidance about the techniques, strategies, course, topics, quick calculations methods in quant section, makes a study plan and solves the queries through effective question answer sessions.  Daily training sessions are more effective than studying only during weekends.

Set a timetable: A suitable study plan is essential for the GMAT exams. Plan comprehensively jotting down all the important subjects and topics and also have scope for mock tests. Keep updating the schedule as the exams approaches near, focusing more on the tougher subjects or topics that require more attention.

Gather study materials: Besides taking trainings, make your own study materials that are easily available on online store, GMAT preparation books, sample tests, university text books and free web resources.

Figure out the weak points: Solve questions and analyze the practice test score to know your weak points. See the rank and examine the challenging areas and the reasons for it. Concentrate on each area without losing focus.

Time management: Time is a crucial factor during the GMAT exams. Running out of time can be a terrible situation. Hence, the best solution is to monitor and manage time efficiently. Break up every section and review each to test the time. Never be behind the schedule, calculate the time and mark yourself on it to have extra time in hand.

Essay writing: Check the AWA Topics on, GMAT Write – software and thoroughly practice essay writing skills. GMAT Write also grades the written essays employing the technology used in exams.

Review your Mathematics: Thoroughly review your basic mathematics skills.

Analyze Integrated Reasoning: Remain familiar with item formats. The test is taken to evaluate the candidate’s ability to understand the data presented in multiple formats. Four types of item formats are given and most of them consist of 12 questions. An average of one minute is scheduled for per response.

Practice online: GMAT exam is a Computer Adaptive Test so you must practice to appear for the exams on the computer. The questions gets tougher with every passing level, so be prepared.

Book now: Once you attain the desired score in GMAT Mock tests you can register to appear for the exams if you have yet now done it.

You need a 700 score to be in the top 10 schools and 680-650 for the top 20-50 schools. Work painstakingly on the road to pursuing a graduate management program and fulfill the dream of being in the most prestigious institute.


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