Essential Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Business

Essential Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Business

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Business promotion is essential for success and with an explosion of varied avenues both online and offline the avenues are escalating. Devising best marketing strategies and adopting rewarding advertising methods can help you scale the echelons of success with an edge over your competitors.


With the right mode of marketing and advertising you can get yourself placed ahead in the market and advance further with innovative ideas and plans. Reach for the best outlets and get noticed by potential customers.

Develop Marketing Strategies

Before the onset of a business effective marketing is essential to define your mission, vision and business goals together with helping to outline the steps to target prospective customers for a successful business and achieve the set goals.

Define your business and vision: Defining your mission and vision at the onset is essential that clarifies your goal. List down answers to questions like what business to start with, who will be customers, what will you sell, what will be gradual plan for growth, what will your USPs to attract customers and others.

State your goals: List down your goals and your course of actions. Make a checklist of some short term goals, your concepts, your target audience and the ways to approach them, the initial modes of advertisements, the research work to be dome, the departments and employees to hire, relegation of job responsibilities, handling of challenges and probable hurdles and others. Create two sets of goals-short and long term.

Do market research: Before setting up of business thoroughly research the market for pre launch feedbacks. Converse with potential customers to attain their opinions and feedbacks. Get ensured whether the prices are reasonable for the clients and enquire about their likes and dislikes of your competitors for better analysis.

List down your competitors: Profiling of the competitors through identification of their strategy, products, pricing, supply chains, vendors and tactics they follow gives you a competitive edge. The identification of the potential strength and weakness of the competitors assist you to prepare thoroughly for the competition.

Target your potential customers: Develop a profile of the targeted customers and identify their needs and preferences. Understand their requirements, buying patterns, their frequent needs, complains, reviews or other similar products and their expectations. Your marketing strategy will help maintain cordial relationship with existing customers and also the new ones.

Mark the 5 Ps of marketing: Identify the essential 5 Ps of marketing- price, product, people, promotion and place. These are vital for success.

Develop your website: Creating a website with exhaustive information of the company is essential to keep you highlighted. With the bestdesigned website and details of theservices, products, the USP, the forth coming projects, the opportunities, customers and the previous achievements of the company, you can draw the attention of the customers.

Free listing: List you company in the best search engine local directories along with the link of your website and business description.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing is presently a powerful marketing tool for business promotion.Set your business profile in Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember to include an alluring description of your company, keywords and website link. Participate in online chats to discuss about your company, products or services.

Business cards: Print your business cards with company name, address, website link, phone numbers, email id and names clearly and hand them to random clients, friends and relatives.

Press release: Online or printed press releases about the company and its details also help to advertise about the company andpromote it among potential clients.

Seminars, workshops & presentations: You can also conduct seminars and workshops inviting reputed personalities, sponsors, media, clients and others to address them about the company, its products and services, its business strategies, forthcoming projects, plans, objectives and others.Give them a presentation about the varied aspects of your company for a clear understanding.

Write blogs & articles: Write articles and blogs about diversified topics, demonstrating your expertise and your company services & products. Publish these articles in newspapers, magazines and websites to increase traffic. Mention about the company name, phone number, business name and references.

Videos on YouTube: Upload videos of your company, employees, product and service on YouTube and any other video sharing sites to create responsiveness  form customers.

Get certified: Get registered from a reputed and esteemed organization that gives you an edge and gets you noticed. It’s like a hallmark of top class quality assurance that helps to gain the trust of the customers.

Sales letter: Send letters, emails, drafts and others to clients stating aboutyour company, some interesting offers or some demonstration of your services to attract customers

Varied modes of advertisement: Opt for varied modes of advertisement like adds in vehicles, newspapers, televisions, t-shirts, displaying company through hoardings, banner adds, digital hoardings, workshops, sales letters, flyers.

Offer samples: At the onset provide with some samples of your products or display of your services that might aware the customers thus, drawing their attention.

Word of mouth: Talk to people about your company, products and services. Ask existing customers for references and leads. Look for resellers or affiliates for generating leads for commission on sales. Also, contact schools, nonprofit organization and colleges who might require your services.

Newsletters – Circulate newsletters, a useful means to convey message and attract customers. Design it impressively and the layout needs to be attractive. Keep the messages short, crisp and appealing invigorating interest and curiosity.

Yellow Pages – It is an effective advertising mode with the ads being well placed in the directory’s categories of services. Companies have special packages offering business phone line together with few ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising: Advertise with Google AdWords ads that boost website sales and traffic. This offers a top position on the search page and gets noticed by potential customer each time they visit the site.

Adopt Diverse Modes of Online Marketing

The internet is a powerful medium for promoting a business to achieve the much need exposure. Employ varied modes of online marketing such as:

  • Brand marketing
  • B2B marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Keyword marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Call to Action (CTA) Marketing
  • Cloud marketing
  • Direct marketing

Brush up your business skills, corporate etiquettes, communication expertise and remain updated with the evolving marketing strategies. Follow the timeless tips and be the proud entrepreneur of an escalating business.


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