Essential HR Manager Skills for a Promising Career

Essential HR Manager Skills for a Promising Career

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In the present professional domain every reputed company encourage for Human Resource Management profile for the smooth and effective functioning of the work. HR Managers are entrusted with the job of development, recruitment, and welfare of company or the organization, ensuring that the employees are accurately managed and resourced well. They offer the administrative support, maintain business administration, labor relations and employee relation policies.


All companies such as private companies, the NHS, corporate sector, charities, local authorities, and others employ several people in the personnel and human resources profile of their business to foster a healthy relationship between the management staff and their employees.

Human resources jobs are mostly office based and require implementation of varied programs from the office but at times it might be needed to travel to hold meetings off-site in case there are other offices in different locations. An HR is entrusted with plethora of jobs hence IS required to be highly competent, possess soft skills, calm, remain up to date with the company rules, procedures and a keen eye for details for a rewarding career in the job.

Qualifications and Experience for HR Manager

Human resources managers mostly study human resources or business administration, essential for success in this field. Other or higher fields of study may also be required for some human resources coursework or for higher job profiles.

Bachelor’s Programs

The bachelor’s programs in human resources are conducted by a management department or business school of a college or university. Aspirants can pursue common degrees like Bachelor of Science in Human Resources or Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources. The courses train the students and offer insight about labor management, employment law and employee development. Aspiring HR managers also need to study about statistics, accounting and information technology in their core classes.

Complete an Internship

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree program, students must find an opportunity for internship to gain real world experience. Several colleges provide internship opportunities as part of an academic program, this helps to enhance learning experience through practical trainings and learning concepts required for a rewarding career.

You can also gain some work experience. Graduates of human resource bachelor’s programs are prepared for entry-level HR positions like HR specialists or HR assistants where they get the basic experience of the job profile and thoroughly trained for future higher job roles. This might also earn you a certification in the human resource field that proves useful in pursuing prospective jobs in future. Moreover, aspirants can join workshops or seminars conducting courses on soft skills, business skills and administrative abilities that train the students for their career.

Skills Required for HR Manager Position

Most manager positions demand experience in the field. Professionals might need up to five years of work experience as an assistant or HR generalist. Human resource managers are entrusted with the job of hiring employees, develop staffs and other important jobs for the improvement of business. Hence a set of skills such as technical, administrative, PR are essential for the job:

Technical Skills

  • Spreadsheets: It’s essential for human resource managers to be able to create worksheets. They must be competent in entering data and work with basic formulas within Excel. Spreadsheets are essential to maintain information about employment applications, information, contact details and performance reviews.
  • Accounting: A clear understanding of the basic accounting principles is imperative for a successful career. The HR managers must keep a track of the budgeting, create proposals, measure performance, create reviews and others for which accounting skills are essential.
  • Computer competence: The HR manager must be competent with the computers and its functions. He must be expert at using, emails, chat sites, word and also must have the skills to write flawless English which is required for writing instructions, leave sanctions, business emails and others.

Administration Skills

  • Motivational skills: Inspiring, stimulating and directing people towards their work, identifying the best ambiance and possibilities to succeed.
  • Communication skills: Should have good and influential communication skills to communicate clearly with employees, authority and also to put forth ideas to the management
  • Writing skills: Must have impressive and flawless writing skills to pen down ideas, instructions or information in clear and simple language understandable by all.
  • Decisive thinker: Must have the ability to select the right person for the right job. Able toanalyze information fast and make robust decisions
  • Collaborative. Should have the ability to work mutually with employees of the organization and other important people outside
  • Reasoning power: Using logic to understand and solve issues and the power to reason for any incident with the most effective solutions is essential.
  • Innovation: Determining how a company should work, bringing in changes through close supervision of the need and essential requirements for the best outcomes.
  • Courage to take up challenges: Has the confidence to take prompt decisions and the courage to take challenges in an unfamiliar situation.
  • Keen eye: Must have a keen eye for details and an inquisitive nature to seek out innovative ways. He/she must also have an open mindedness to welcome other’s opinions.
  • Human resource program: Developing interesting programs to attract, reward and retain employees.

Roles to Accomplish for HR Manager Position

  • Maintaining organizational staff in a coordinated way through conducting recruitment, testing and interview program
  • Remaining updated with the rules, regulations are other guidelines of the company profile
  • Maintains the company structure by giving advertisements and updating job requirements for all positions required
  • Counseling of senior authorities, team leads after candidate selection. Recommending the required changes and conducting and analyzing exit interviews
  • Preparing the new and old employees for vital assignments. He/she must conduct orientation and training programs.
  • Maintaining the pay plan of the company through conducting periodic pay surveys.
  • Conducting job evaluations; analyzing it, planning and implementing the pay structure revisions.
  • Conducting training sessions or workshops to update the knowledge of the employees and the ways to implement in the professional sector
  • Developing and offering various employee benefits. Preparing the guidelines to avail the benefits. Recommending new benefits programs to the management as per the trend
  • Directing the processing of the benefit claims of the employees
  • Evaluating the work process, maintaining a results, monitoring them and later planning accordingly the appraisal of employee as per the work results
  • Maintaining discipline in the office through implementing order and regulation and keeping an eye if they are followed and maintained
  • Patiently hearing to the complains, problems or any grievances and then resolving them taking proper measures
  • Scheduling management conferences with employees and counseling employees and supervisors.
  • Going for rounds in different departments for various verifications and for addressing issues
  • Preparing, recommending and updating time to time the human resource policies and procedures
  • Creating  a filing and retrieval system to maintain the present and the past human resource records
  • Planning and preparing a document of the company’s needs for future requirements
  • Promoting health and safety benefits and equality policies, ensuring complete staff welfare
  • Conducting exit interviews for identifying the reasons for employee resignation

The career prospect in the HR fields is high, offering a plethora of jobs roles to be executed. Master your skills thoroughly and attain proficiency in your domain with the guidelines and valuable tips listed above.


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