E-Learning with a Learning Management System is the Future!

E-Learning with a Learning Management System is the Future!

The right learning management system, or LMS, can be a huge leap forward for today’s modern businesses and academic institutions. Never before has e-Learning been so desirable. Experts speculate tremendous growth in the industry that is moving forward into the future. In fact, according to this Forbes article, “One-third of America’s 21 million enrolled students are taking some or all of their instruction online.”

If your organization is considering implementing an e-Learning program for educational or for corporate training purposes, it’s crucial that you choose the right training platform. Here are some questions you should be asking that will help you make an informed decision.

1. Why Are You Interested in Implementing an e-Learning Program?

Naturally, the best place to start is at the beginning. In order to choose an appropriate LMS, you need to recognize specific goals. For instance, are you trying to cut down on company training resources? Or, is your school interested in a blended-learning approach? Determine the specific reason for implementing a free learning management system before you proceed.

2. How Can You Satisfy Your Organization’s Goals?

Now that you’ve identified the problem, it’s time to find the solution. While some learning management systems are well-rounded and versatile, others are better for specific applications. For example, a simple content management system might work for some very basic training courses, but a legitimate online college course is going to need an LMS that can handle many users, multimedia, accreditation, payments, and documentation.

3. Which Vendors Offer the Features You Require?

At this point you should have a basic idea of what you hope to accomplish and what you need, to make that dream a reality. The next step is to locate an LMS vendor that offers those features. Read user reviews and expert opinions, but also keep in mind that what works for one organization may not necessarily suit your needs. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few promising vendors, it’s time to move to the next question.

4. Which Learning Management System Works Best in Practice?

Putting the software to the test is vital. Meet with potential vendors and present a specific problem to them. They should be able to tell you in great detail exactly how their software will solve that problem and meet your needs. You should also try free LMS demos and trials so that you can get a first-hand feel for each product. You may even find a completely free learning management system that surpasses all of your expectations.

5. Do You Have the Necessary Equipment to Implement the LMS?

Once you’ve chosen the ideal learning management system, you’ll need to get your hardware in line. In most cases, companies and academic institutions already have the equipment necessary, but you may want to consider upgrading at this time to accommodate potential growth. If you go with a cloud-based LMS, you will be able to simply plug in and get started, as the cloud can be accessed from any device at any time.

Add Your Content and Get Started

Finally, all you need to do is create and add your content to the learning management system. The future is incredibly bright for e-Learning, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of its tremendous potential. The software required to implement a successful e-Learning program can be budget-friendly, and as long as you choose a scalable LMS, the expansion potential is limitless. Take this exciting step today.

Author Bio: Frankie Gardner is a computer engineer and coding expert from Santa Cruz, California. He has successfully launched innovative software across many platforms and has reached hundreds of thousands of users. When he is not busy with work, he exercises his passion by writing tech articles for online news outlets and teaching computer science at a community college.


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