Do I Need an HR Certification to Start My New Career?

May 26, 2021

An HR certification can give a tremendous boost to your career in today's hypercompetitive business world. Although having a certification is not mandatory to become an HR, it can increase your knowledge base and boost your stagnant career. Due to the current pandemic situation, recruiters rely more on virtual hiring. Therefore, having a Certification in HR can help you stand out from the crowd. The benefits of doing HR Course

HR professionals often learn the old fashioned way- which is through experience. The benefits of an HR Course are many. After doing an HR course, you will earn a course certificate. HR certifications can prepare you to achieve competence for some of the most coveted and leadership positions. From an HR admin, HR generalists to HR directors, certifications can help you scale up the corporate ladder quickly. As per a report from Payscale, over 51% of HR directors have earned one or more HR certificates.
Let us move ahead and understand why an HR certification is worth getting:

Smarter Working :

A certified professional performs well in HR duties such as interviewing, recruiting, and retention. The certification equips you with relevant knowledge about day-to-day organizational activities. You can incorporate critical HR skills such as hiring, payroll, union management, benefits management, conflict resolution & much more. You will know how to keep the workplace safe, secure, healthy, fun & compliant with laws.

Career Advancement :

With the advent of 2021, it is more than ever that HR teams are required to play critical leadership roles. With changing working patterns worldwide, Human Resource professionals are required to contribute innovatively and advance their organization's strategic operations. An HR certification can provide you with all the needed knowledge. The certification also helps you put the knowledge to work and grow manifolds professionally.

Practical Skills That Impact Job Immediately:

An HR certification provides you with practical, real-life HR experience and aids your teaching, testing, knowledge & competence. While studying for the certification, you will be using understanding and behavioural judgment to handle day to day & unexpected scenarios. Thus, you can sharpen your skills, boost productivity, effectiveness & kickstart your career in Human Resources, all at the same time.

Certifications & Employers Expectations:

HR certifications are developed explicitly with employers in mind. The certifications are designed through extensive global research and with the inputs of professionals worldwide. Taking an HR certification will provide you with technical knowledge and help you achieve behavioural competency. Certified professionals know what and how to apply to be a leader in the organization.

International Acknowledgment:

HR certifications are globally recognized. Hence, the certificate unlocks a plethora of opportunities for enthusiasts. The HR certification is nothing less than a valuable commodity that employers recognize in many countries. You can become a part of the global HR workforce and boost your career goals significantly.

Better Remuneration & Hiring Preference:

An HR certification can boost your earning potential. As per the HR Certification Institute's report, one out of two hiring managers prefer certified HR professionals. The certification helps you achieve the needed expertise and competence in the HR niche and sideline the competition. Gone are the days where HR roles are limited to admin duties only. Today, HR professionals are involved in crucial policy-making, high-level corporate planning, consultancy & other domains.

Do people with HR certification earn more?

They do. Here is what a report from says, "Certified Human Resource professionals earn higher, get promoted faster & tend to hold positions of higher authority." Your chances of getting hired will improve when you have a certificate to back your skills. Certification proves that you are dedicated to your profession and hold all the necessary knowledge of the niche. This credible piece of paper can give you an edge over other HR candidates in many ways. That is why certified HR professionals have a higher salary potential & their paychecks often surpass their uncertified counterparts. Apart from salary prospects, there are plenty of reasons to go for an HR certification!

Can I do the certification online?

Are you wondering if you can get an HR certification online? Yes, you may take an HR course in Abu Dhabi and earn your HR certification online seamlessly. Both freshers and working professionals can leverage online learning and complete their HR certification, and set themselves apart from the competition.

Final Word

A Human Resource Certification is highly advantageous. It will help you gain industry knowledge, prepare you to handle challenging workplace scenarios, design pay structures & become an asset to the organization.

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