The Different uses of Statistics in Daily Life [Infographic]

Oct 22, 2017

Have you heard the term Statistics? Of course, you did. When we were in school we used to think Statistics as a hard subject like Physics or Mathematics. But as we grow we come to understand how interesting Statistics is. It is an amazing subject which has numerous real-life applications. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss about some phenomenal concepts and applications of statistics in our daily life. To put it simply, Statistics is a part of Mathematics which deals with the collection and presentation of data. It also involves prediction and forecasting based on data. 

It is an important part of the business and manufacturing industries. Sometimes it is used to understand the measurement system and summarizing data. The best part of Statistics is it keeps us informed about what is happening around us. 

Studies show human mind tend to understand things easily when it is presented with the help of data and infographic. In this information world, the role of statics in undeniable and it is increasing day by day. 

Here Are The Most Common Sectors Where Statistics Used Enormously 

Weather forecasting is an important piece of information which we must know right? Have ever seen how the television channels present the data to describe the forecast? Remember the colourful bars or straight lines or any other shapes? If you know which denotes what; it is pretty easy to understand the weather forecast. 

If you are a researcher, you know the importance of statistics more than anyone. Without the statistics and infographic it will be hard to present and describe your research result.  

The financial market is not complete without statistical data. For a layperson, it is hard to understand the complicated scenario of share market and other financial sectors. It is easier to represent valuable data with the help of diagrams, charts, and other statistical tables. If you are holding some share in the market, with just one look at the data chart you will understand the market scenario. It was not possible without statistics. 

You name any business sector; trading, manufacturing, production so on, every sector require statistics to monitor their growth. 

In Multinational Companies, statistics is an integral part of their projects. They use charts and statistic parameters to monitor the performance of their employees. 

In quality testing, statistical concepts are used to assume probable outcomes. They make every result crystal clear so, whenever any business house is going to purchase some raw material or other materials they can easily decide based on the statistical data. 

Nowadays, Mobile Applications are incomplete without statistical data. For example, booking a cab or checking how many calories you have burnt throughout the day or week; if you are on a diet you check your calorie intake with the help of some app that uses statistical data to present the result.

Another important sector where statistics used as the predominant form of information is the health and medicine sector. Doctors used percentage and charts to monitor the health of their patients. The data help them understand how you are improving.

Political sector is another platform where statistics uses extensively to predict the election result, progress and growth of the ruling party, and so on. 

News Channels use statistical data to make everything understandable for its viewers. Statistical data plays a strong part in this sector. Without that, it will be tough for viewers to understand the important perspectives of today's’ world.


Space science is another sector where statics is used extensively. With the help of statistical data, you will get valuable first-hand information about different planets of our solar system. Isn’t it amazing!

Statistics are often used to support opinions or views. They show up on all forms of media, including the World Wide Web. Statistics prevent everything from getting complicated. It allows collecting information around the world. With the internet we can leverage the power of statistical data.

When used correctly, statistics can be used to predict the trend of things in the past or the future to justify the present. Here, we have come up with an infographic to highlight the different applications of statistics in daily life. Have a look.

To sum up...

Now that you know about the importance of statistics in our daily life, you can make it your career option. If you are good at mathematics, you can easily peruse it for higher studies and become a statistician. A professional statistician uses mathematical techniques to analyze and interpret data to draw conclusions. 

The world of statistics is much more interesting than we might think. It is much more than collect, analyse, and interpret data. The emerging combination of disciplines requires more statistician than ever.

If you want to become a statistician, you require higher study and knowledge on addition depth of statistics. In order to pursue statistics as a career statistical training is required to decipher complex analysis. 

If you are still in high school or just completed your bachelor’s, then it is a perfect time to pursue statistics as your career. The learning phase is one of the most crucial times in every student’s life. Without proper tutor, it is sometimes impossible to get the desired result within a short period.

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