Develop a Prospective Career as a Chef

Develop a Prospective Career as a Chef

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So, do you get carried away by the rich aroma of delectable and varied range of food? With 29 states and 7 Union Territories, the country offers plethora of tastes and flavors to satiate the epicurean’s taste buds and opportunity to spice up palatable dishes. As the Spanish proverb goes ‘the belly rules the mind’, the hospitality sector today is constantly experimenting with exotic ingredients and spices for exclusive culinary creations that temps all-gluttons, gourmets and fitness freaks, boosting their gormandizing nature with sumptuous platters.


The rush for food has given rise in the hospitality industry and the demand for professional chefs. Now, cooking is no more restricted to home kitchens as a daily chore but an art to experiment in reputed restaurant and hotel industry. If you nurture the desire to explore innovative techniques of cooking and cook delectable dishes satisfying million of hearts, then a career as a chef is the best opportunity for you.

The Courses to Pursue

If you are keen to join the hospitality industry and explore job opportunities as a chef, a diploma degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology is essential and proves to be beneficial. There are 4 years of degree trainings and 3 years of diploma courses in Hotel management. Interested candidates can enroll in any of these courses imparted by various hotel management institutes in the country after completion of 10+2.

The National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) conduct the degree course. Moreover, short duration certificate courses are conducted in food processing, food production and cookery science.

Besides, many professional culinary training centers provide enthusiastic candidates apprenticeship courses for chef training. Candidates can choose diploma programs in food production for specializing in bakery and confectionery and food and beverage services. Aspirants can also specialize in any three distinct areas hot kitchen, cold kitchen and bakery & confectionery. There are courses run by reputed hotel chains that are highly prospective as they offer exposure of working in restaurants and also offer changes of getting absorbed there.

Top Colleges to Pursue Courses

Courses (Create now) in food processing and hotel management are offered by several reputed institutes in India. Some of them are:

  • The Oberoi Center of Learning and Development, New Delhi
  • Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition at New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Goa
  • Institute of Hotel Management
  • The Oriental School of Hotel Management at Mumbai, Delhi and Vadodara
  • The Taj Group’s Institute of Hotel Management at Aurangabad
  • Delhi Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi
  • The Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal
  • State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Thuvakkudi
  • National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad
  • Amity School of Hospitality, Noida
  • Government Institute of Hotel Management and Catering at Dehradun and Almora

Career Prospects as a Chef

Career Prospects as a chef in the hospitality industry is endless. Usually categories of staffs serve in a hotel: the food preparation workers, the cooks and the chefs.

Chefs and head cooks are responsible for framing recipes and preparing meals and remain in charge offering direction to other workers in the kitchen, ordering materials requirements, estimating food necessities and managing other essential responsibilities. Preparation workers offer helping hand in cutting, peeling, trimming, preparing and others. Big and reputed multi cuisine restaurants employ cooks specialized in varied domains and having skills to cook multiple items. The job titles are assigned with their type of cooking or the domain they handle like kabab cook, grill cook, vegetable cook, fry cook and others.

Executive chefs and head cooks also shoulder responsibilities such as: deciding serving sizes, , ordering supplies, planning menus, supervising kitchen work, keeping up the presentation and others. The other job roles include:

  • Executive chefs
  • A chef de cuisine
  • Sous chef, also known as sub chef

Positions to Acquire

  • Trainee: Attained after completing diploma or bachelor’s course
  • Officer grade: After the successful completion of training period, he/she is promoted to the officer grade
  • Chef: After two years of experience in the field the concerned person becomes a chef and then can attain regular promotions as per performance
  • Sous Chef: It may take six to seven years to become a Sous Chef
  • Executive Chef: After 10-12 years, a chef earns the position of executive chef

There are also lateral opportunities such as hosting television cookery shows and writing cookery books.

Chef Personality Traits

  • Perfect sense of taste and smell
  • Passion for cooking and varied food preparations
  • Knowledge of flavors and spices
  • Urge to serve with perfection
  • Zeal to experiment and innovate
  • Being aware of new cooking techniques and methods
  • Willingness to strive, learn and work
  • Ability to work in team

For a bright and successful career, you must adapt yourself to the varying cultures and food habits and imbibe them while preparing appetizing recipes. Restaurants, holiday resorts, airlines, club houses, cruise liners and others all look out for the best of chefs to sate the gormandizing nature of their customers. Thus, career as a chef is very exciting with eating joints springing up in every nook and corner of a city and diverse opportunities to avail for establishing one’s own identity.


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