Career Prospects of Learning English Language

Career Prospects of Learning English Language

English is one of the most accepted Lingua Franca in this land of diversity, India. A self-perpetuating language, English accomplishes multitude utilitarian purposes including its gamut of knowledge that finds its presence in every spectrum of life, in this world of informatics and knowledge. Referred to as the global language, it is the language of medicine, science, arts, commerce, trade, technological studies, international negotiations and the eloquence power in it ensues as a crosscut window to the greater world.


With its dominance in multifarious sectors, English is also functions as a dominant business language for entry into the global workforce. Thrived to be the cross border communication channel, the language that plays a dominant role in the global market can change your life in remarkable ways. English, referred to as the second language of most countries, opens gate for several career opportunities and makes its presence in diverse fields.

Career Building through Learning English

Today English is considered as the key to success and offers a platform for job opportunities and career development. Candidates’ eloquence in English aid in attaining lucrative jobs in international business, travel, multinational companies, translation jobs, content writing, media, academics and research etc. Moreover, it opens doors for jobs in government agencies in positions like enforcement or healthcare. A resume reflecting a bilingual communication skill will assist you in gaining promotions and lucrative positions in the company. Thus, proficiency, confidence and expertise in speaking and understanding the language prove advantageous for different fields like:

  • Trade Industry: Commerce and business are now mostly driven by international trade. Hence if you wish to gain success in your job a good command over the language is essential as it is now an international language.
  • Technical Skills: Technical competency is indispensible in the modern day professional world. Hence, fluency in the language is must that enables you to read and write and enhance your technical competence.
  • Attending Seminars or Exhibitions: You might need to attend some International exhibitions and symposiums as a visitor or presenter on behalf of your company. Your proficiency in the language would enable you to understand and provide valuable feedback to your seniors or colleagues.
  • Attending official meets: Understanding and mastery of the language is also necessary for attending any international meetings, calls, video conferences, presentations, preparing reports, sending emails, learning about current events, reading global publications, news, referring to websites, communicating with people for sharing or discussing ideas from different background and others.
  • Technology: In the present day technology plays a vital and central role. The spate in technological advancement has led to regular developments of software programs that mostly utilize the English language. So, if you are ambitious and technologically minded, knowing the language can prove to be advantageous.
  • Business Transactions: English directs the front line of every business today. Multitude of business transactions takes place on a regular basis around the world with the mode of communication being English.
  • Access to Information: English is the language of science, internet, books, newspapers, conferences, technology, sport, international business etc.
    • Internet
      Internet is today the biggest means of information and maximum web pages are in English. Most of the data on the internet are accessible in English language. Chat rooms, emails, social media sites enable one to connect and communicate with people all over the world through the language that is shared by a vast number of population.
  • News &Newspapers
    International news is broadcast in English. Networks such as BBC, CNN and NBC all transmit their news in English that is followed by viewers from all over the world. Similarly, international newspapers are also written and circularized in English.

Communication: With more than two million people speaking English, it is now the medium for international communication. Moreover, it is the chief international language of the business world and is increasingly becoming an important factor for international business. Skilled and confident candidates having command over reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are now sought after for the accurate job. Moreover, if the job involves contacting with speakers of foreign languages on a regular basis then the knowledge of the language will help in smooth communication that might foster in making sales, negotiating or securing contacts.

  • Career in abroad: If you have the inclination to pursue your career in abroad then mastery of the language can fulfill your dream. Likewise, the knowledge of foreign languages also enhances the chances of searching new jobs, gaining promotions or even getting transferred overseas as well as attaining a chance to go for foreign business trips.

In light of these points stated, the overwhelming dominance of the English language is not surprising. Just learn and master the language through attending classes on English language, joining seminars or workshops and gain a prospective edge in your career.


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