Career Opportunity in Art and Craft – Essential Steps for Professional Growth

Jun 30, 2014

Art and craft, since ages, has been an impressive form of expression that has undergone transformation over the years. The Indian art and craft has been recognized for its aesthetic appeal, beauty and innovative techniques that showcase the creativity and dexterity of the artisans. With explosion in this sector more and more professionals are now getting attracted to this profession and nurturing their skills to make a career in it.

Educational Qualifications

The art and craft is a creative sector that caters to a variety of jobs sectors with diverse responsibilities. This sector has its prominence for centuries involving diverse professional roles and educational qualifications for a rewarding career. With the rising demand for art and designing jobs and penchant for creative works several universities now offer courses and degrees in arts and crafts for specialized knowledge and experience.

Aspirants can pursue bachelor’s degree that offer experience in varied techniques and materials. Two or four years of art degrees also helps to refine the skills of a craft artist. Moreover, an advanced degree program also offers concentrated training and professional guidance to craft artists. Degrees such as Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees and Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) in design or art prove to be fruitful for a escalating a successful career graph. Aspirants with these qualifications stand chances of getting inducted into reputed companies and organizations with the certification of being adequately qualified and competently trained to be a master craftsman.

Courses in Arts

  • Performing Arts – Drama, Dance, Music and Theater
  • Applied Arts- Graphic Design, Interior Design, Textile Design, Photography, Industrial Design, Illustration, Medical Illustration
  • Architecture- Building Science, Architectural History, Environmental Design, Historic Preservation, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture
  • Art – Art Therapy, Arts Administration, Museum Studies Film, Fine Arts, Television and Video, Decorative Arts, Art History

Courses in Crafts

Craft is a special domain of the Decorative Arts that also includes interior designing and making handmade goods incorporating the required skills and techniques and careful attention to every detail. Craft work involves creating of impressive objects or products with an aesthetic sense that reflects a potpourri of quality.

With the recent explosion in the art and craft industry craft designers now can employ the latest methods and technologies such as computer aided design (CAD). They also have the opportunity to their studios and function individually.

Art and Craft Job Roles to Take Up

  • Craft Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Visual Communications
  • Textile Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Design engineer
  • Furniture Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture, Art & Design
  • Architectural technician or technologist
  • Blacksmith
  • Body Piercer
  • Product Designer
  • Cad Technician
  • Ceramics Designer-maker
  • Design Engineer
  • Interior Design
  • Industrial/Product Design

Essential Skills for Art & Craft Professionals

  • Critical thinking making use of logic and reasoning
  • Social perceptiveness and problem solving skills
  • Active learning and decision making skills
  • Time management qualities and operation monitoring
  • Managing of material resources
  • Proper equipment selection and operations analysis
  • Quality control analysis
  • Knowledge of tools and design techniques
  • Understanding the preferences and requirements of the customers
  • Knowledge of the current trend
  • Keen eye for details
  • Creativity and innovative ideas
  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures

Job responsibilities of Art & Craft Professionals

  • Creative thinking and imagining out of the box
  • Implementing ideas and fabricating items or products marvelously
  • Sketching or drawing items or their outlines
  • Designing molds
  • Cutting and trimming with precision the fabric, stones or leather for use
  • Expertise in engraving jewelry-related products, craft or art objects
  • Proficiency in polishing of jewelry, silverware or other products
  • Drafting, laying out and specifying technical devices or equipment to use
  • Dyeing fabric or leather articles
  • Performing work with accuracy as per the preference of the customers
  • Delivering work within deadline with high quality standards
  • High technical knowledge and expertise in handling machines and computer
  • Knowledge of use of all tools and instruments
  • Offering the desired shape through measurement skills
  • Competency in processing, forming and creating best products
  • Performing Administrative Activities
  • Communicating skills maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Monitoring the complete process of production
  • Updating the work process using relevant knowledge
  • Judging the quality of products and services delivered

A career in arts and crafts can be really interesting and motivating with diverse sectors and job roles to explore and work in. Get the best guidance and training in arts and crafts for a fulfilling career and recognition today.

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