Best Online Resources for Learning Chinese

Best Online Resources for Learning Chinese

How about a lucrative job in a country that is expected to emerge as the world’s largest economy by 2024? Yes, my friends. Economists have predicted that China would defeat US by 2017 in terms of purchasing power. Now, just imagine the immense economic potential and scope of China. I bet most of you are tempted to try setting up a career in this amazing land!

But how can you realize this dream of yours? Think about it. Okay, let me share a little secret with you. Learning Chinese can help you bag a high-paying job in China. Wondering how? Well, knowing this foreign language would enable you to relate to their culture, customs and traditions. And so, you can implement your knowledge in your professional arenas, which would strengthen your career considerably.

A sound knowledge of the language would also act as an additional qualification in your CV, when you apply to Chinese companies. Just look up the search engines. There are several online language-learning resources which are excellent guides for mastering Chinese. To know what the best online tools which would help you accomplish this goal, continue reading:

  • Pera Pera: Pera Pera is a great online dictionary that can be downloaded on Google Chrome as well Mozilla Firefox web browser. Once it is installed, you need to click on the star sign on your browser to activate it. Next, visit any webpage which offers lessons in the Mandarin dialect. You can point your mouse at any word or phrase you don’t understand. Immediately, a tiny window will pop up containing the meaning and pronunciation of that word.
  • DigChinese: Want to start with Chinese grammar? Go for DigChinese. With its aide you can learn the ‘measure words’ in Chinese. These are words that are used with numbers to measure the quantity of any object. For instance, you will get to know how to say “five pens” in the Chinese language. Apart from this, DigChinese also offers you a series of popular proverbs and sayings. You can also translate words into Chinese with the help of the Pinyin converter here.
  • FluentU: YouTube videos are the best when it comes to learning anything new! Why not try the series of YouTube videos providing Mandarin lessons? FluentU is here to guide you. Unlike other videos, FluentU’s videos come with subtitles in English, pinyin and Chinese. This lets you grasp the language better. These videos are categorized under groups meant for amateurs, intermediate and advanced learners. Topics range from culture, daily life, business, art, science and much more.
  • Marco Polo Project: If you are a literary person, Marco Polo Project is just your thing. It is a great website which is well-equipped with an enviable collection of commentary, short stories, opinion pieces and fiction by some famous bloggers. It also helps you with translation. Here, you can easily join a group that engages in active dialogues in Chinese and other languages and practise your skills in Chinese. Also, you can read up Chinese texts with Spanish, French and English translations.
  • Hacking Chinese: Olle Linge, a language learner has developed a website called ‘Hacking Chinese’. Traditional language websites teach grammar, proverbs, literature and culture, but this website is different. The reason its unique is that it actually teaches you how to learn these aspects, instead of just presenting them in a page. So, if you follow this website, you can get a knowhow of how to go about learning a language like Chinese. Most textbooks lack these things.
  • Yo Yo Chinese’ YouTube Channel: Video lessons are some of the most efficient ways of learning the basics of any foreign language. Start following the online tutorials provided by Yo Yo Chinese’ YouTube Channel. It is a reputed brand founded Cheng Yang Yang by which offers free video courses in Chinese. The best part is that the company also maintains a blog which would help you understand Chinese to a much greater extent. This channel boasts of over 60, 000 subscribers.
  • Lang-8: Another interesting online resource for learning Chinese is ‘Lang-8’. In this website, you will be able to paste a text in Chinese and receive instant feedback about it from other students who are learning Chinese. You can also get important feedback from the native speakers of this language. The reason why you must choose this website over others is that it is very active. Moreover, even if you upload lengthy essays here, you would get swift replies.

These are some of the most effective online resources that assist you in learning Chinese. Many of you have a hectic professional schedule, which seldom grants you time for pursuing other interests. Why not take a look at these smart online tools I mentioned and make attempts to learn this exciting language from today? I am sure they would motivate you to meet your goals of bagging that new job in India you just stumbled over in a job portal!


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