Best Guidance Tips to Prepare for AIPMT

Best Guidance Tips to Prepare for AIPMT

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AIPMT, All India Pre-Medical Test, is a college entrance exam conducted annually by the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE, Delhi. The exam is conducted for students seeking for admissions in BDS or MBBS course in reputed medical colleges.


Survey Report

As per the survey report of All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) 2014 over 6 lakh candidates applied for exam. Of the total candidates applied for the exams on May 4th, girl applicants constituted 55 %.

As per the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the exam conducting authority for AIPMT 2014, almost 6,16,982 candidates registered for the exam and among them 5,79,604 appeared for it. As per the registration details Maharashtra wasat the highest followed by Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. With time now hordes of candidates are applying for the exams

Question Paper Pattern

Pattern of the Entrance Test:The AIPMT is a two level examination. The first level will consist of 200 multiple choice questions, out of which 100 are from Biology. A specially designed machine-gradable sheet is provided for answering the questions using a ball point pen only. The exam duration of the paper will be of 03 hours. The physics and chemistry exam will be of 45 marks each and the biology exam will be of 90 marks.

The second level (only to be answered by only those candidates who clear the first level) consist of 20 questions of five marks each and 100 multiple questions. It thus, requires practice and skills to solve the model MCQ’s efficiently.

Biology is one of the most important topics for any PMT exam. 100 out of 200 multiple choice questions are from AIPMT Biology. Candidates therefore, appearing for AIPMT should be thorough with Biology.

Language of the Question Papers:The answer for the questions can be given in either English or in Hindi. The option must be carefully selected while filling in the application form and cannot be changed later.

The candidates who have opted for English will be provided Test Booklet only in English and those who have opted for Hindi will be provided bilingual Test Booklet i.e. in both Hindi and English.

Scoring: Each question will have 4 marks assigned. For each incorrect answer, one mark will be deducted from the total score. Nevertheless, no marks will be deducted from the total score if an answer is left or not attempted. For each question give only one answer. If more than one is given thenit is deemed as incorrect and hence negatively marked. Candidates scoring up to 504/720 can hope to be selected in reputed colleges.

Essential Tips for Preparing for the Exam

  • Go through the syllabus carefully with attention towards individual sections
  • Do not skip any topic; try to cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus
  • Keep your basic concepts clear. For a better approach you can start with XI syllabus before shifting to the XII standard syllabus.
  • Clear all your doubts and confusions regarding all questions
  • Aim for practicing sample papers, question banks, previous papers and other practice text books
  • Be sure when you are buying sample papers/ question banks/ previous year papers the answers are provided
  • Constantly do revisions for all topics and sections. Createimportant points that are important for the exam purpose
  • Every month create a fresh study schedule that focuses on your success and difficult areas
  • Give extra attention to Biology 90 questions are based on it. Study Botany and Zoology equally
  • Practice Sample papers and previous year papers within the time limit you will be given at the exam
  • Develop a strong base in fundamental subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics and remember the key points
  • First of all, attempt to complete the NCERT books that help to strengthen your base. Try to cover the complete 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus for your exam
  • Time management is an essential skill to be mastered
  • Plan for your exams as the days approach and do thorough research about the pattern of questions. Check what type of questions are usually repeated
  • Students should concentrate upon improving the speed rate and the accuracy level by practicing more.
  • Solve mock papers effectively
  • Join a crash course that helps you to prepare well for the exams laying emphasis on the essential topics and questions

During the exam:

  • The AIPMT first level has 200 questions. This required to be answered in 3 hours that is 180 minutes. As per the calculations only 50-55 seconds can be devoted per questions. Do not waste time on a single question for a long time even if they appear difficult. Just move further and do not panic
  • Keep your speed up. Try completing the paper at least 5-10 minutes before the given time limit. This will offer you some time to revise the answers and answer any left questions that you might have missed
  • Keep in mind about negative marking in AIPMT exam. Hence, if you have doubts it is better not to answer a doubtful question

Keep the essential points in mind and follow them to score the best in AIPMT exam with the right guidance and preparation.


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