Benefits of Learning Swimming for Kids

Benefits of Learning Swimming for Kids

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Swimming is an enriching life skill and a fascinating activity for child evolution, fostering numerous health benefits. Early introduction to swimming trains the child to master the fun activity, making them smarter and helping them reach the developmental milestones faster than any average kid. Several research reports suggest that children learning swimming at the young age attain more physical fitness in comparison to non swimmers. Moreover, swimming aids in brain development, improvement of speech, reduces stress level, boosting the functionality of the body.


Other than an amusing activity, learning the different strokes, swimming long distance and remaining under water can also train lifesaving skills. Drowning is rated as one of the significant causes of unnatural death amongst children. As per the Nile Swimmers, in developing countries over 96% of fatal drowning deaths occur in developing countries. The rate of drowning is 6 times higher than any developed country. Such cases are preventable by acquiring the skills of swimming.

­­Reasons to Learn Swimming

Live saving skills: Swimming teaches water safety rules and the techniques and methods to swim. Skills like floating, sculling, treading water and basic rescue talents help to attain safety measures. It will further strengthen the endurance level, teach to swim underwater, swim long distances and also build lifesaving skills.

Restoring confidence: Learning and mastering the art offers a sense of great achievement to the children, enhancing their self esteem and confidence level. The swim lessons are taught in different stages gradually reinstating the assurance within where the child learns new set of skills and then goes to the next stage.

Remaining active: Summers are the best time to learn swimming, spending a hot day in water with friends. Besides, splashing in the pool can be a good exercise that keeps the mind and the body thoroughly active, preventing the kids from becoming obese.

Health and Fitness:  In the 21st century obesity has reached epidemic proportions in India. The obesity statistics of 2013 reflects that India ranks second to US in the world obesity scale. Swimming is thus, one of the best forms of exercises working on every muscle group of the body thus, burning off the extra fats and preventing obesity. The action of pulling through the water against its resistance offers complete physical workout that increases muscle strength, stamina and flexibility. Moreover, swimming fosters cardiovascular activity promoting heart and lung health as well as improves metabolism rate, emotional health and well-being.


Social development: During swimming lessons children interact with other kids and the instructor that trains them to socialize and work with co-ordination. Moreover, they learn to follow instructions that increase their understanding level, social skills and intelligence level.

Developing cognitive abilities: Kids during their swimming classes are taught about the rules, ways of following instructions, consequences of failing to abide by them, learning and practicing skills and others. These constructive disciplines foster development of willpower and concentration and hence form their cognitive abilities.

Learning water sports: An awesome relationship with the water offers opportunity to experience host of water sport activities like surfing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, parasailing, snorkelling, diving, water polo, scuba diving and others. Moreover, kids can also participate in various water sport competitions.

Fun and challenge: Learning swimming and excelling at it can really be a fun for the kids. Moving independently in the water improves their flexibility, balance, stamina, strength and body posture and gives them the challenge to learn and master the art. It’s a mental exercise that improves well being and emotional health.

Fostering competitiveness: Introducing children to swimming at a young age instills in them the competitive streak to struggle, compete, achieve and excel among the peer group. This forms as an important characteristic trait that later proves useful in life in varied sectors.

What to Look For in a Swim School

Enroll your child in a swim school under an experienced swim instructor to help them master the art. Look for important details:

  • The name and reputation of the school
  • The experience and expertise of the trainers
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of the water and pool
  • Comfortable air and water temperature
  • Safety and security measures
  • National certification if any
  • Teaching methods and timings
  • Parental involvement
  • Child centered training methods
  • Interesting and challenging activities to learn
  • Platform for swimming competitions to participate in
  • Rewards & awards that motivate the children

Referred to as a life’s milestone, learning swimming at an early age will foster all round development increasing physical, social and emotional growth and manifesting personal, cognitive and motor development. Even the NHS (Source: now ascertains that your baby can go for swimming even before and after their immunizations or vaccinations.


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