Top 7 Apps for Mastering Calculus

Top 7 Apps for Mastering Calculus

Ask your child about the subject in school that haunts her worst nightmares. And promise her a bar of chocolate if she gives you an honest answer! I can safely bet eight out of every ten students would have ‘Math’ as their instant response. There is something about this complicated subject that repels most learners. For some, it’s Trigonometry. Or, Algebra. For others, it might be both that seem impossible to crack.

However, there exists a more menacing monster who is always associated with Math, can you guess what it is? Well, it is ‘Calculus’ dear friends. Accompanied with complex formulas, derivatives and functions, this Mathematical topic is enough to give you sleepless nights. I remember how I used to wrestle with the sums of Integral Calculus, and even Differential Calculus despite practicing then daily.

However, the advent of technology has made education more interactive and learning more convenient for all kinds of students. So, you need not fret about Calculus anymore, dear students. For, there are some intelligent apps that can go a long way in guiding you in Calculus. They enable you to understand the concept of this topic. Let us take a glance at the top seven apps for mastering Calculus, in the following paragraphs:

  • Calculus FTW: Calculus would be less confusing to you only if you are familiar with its basic concepts and ideas. You must be thorough with each and every step and know every formula by heart to solve the sums accurately. An app called Calculus FTW helps you progress in this topic, by explaining you each step of Calculus problems. Choose any problem and start solving it. By chance, if you get stuck somewhere, you would be offered some hints by this app. It would help you complete the problem and arrive at the proper solution.
  • AP Exam Prep: How does Advanced Placement Calculus or ‘AP Calculus’ treat you? Well, even if you are terrified about it, stop furrowing your brow about it. Use the AP Exam Prep now from today onwards. This is a useful app that offers you at least 25 questions on this type of Calculus. Now, you can receive extra questions too, but for that you must pay an additional fee. If you are appearing for exams like Advanced Placement, or AP exam, then this particular app can indeed prove itself handy. It helps you practice different kinds of problems.
  • Calculus Pro: Calculus can be a troublesome tyrant even when your Math teacher explains them on the blackboard in your school. Or, you attend Math tutorials focusing on Calculus. Why not try your hand at the Calculus problems sitting in the comfort of your homes? You will find a lovely app known as Calculus Pro that is complete with diagrams. Model Calculus problems are also present in this app that guides you effectively and explains your problem areas. Integral Calculus, limits, arc length, etc. are some of the common topics discussed here.
  • Magoosh Calculus: Designed by a math tutor named Mike McGarry, Magoosh Calculus is an important app that’s popular amongst students. You can learn the concepts about Integral Calculus as well as Differential Calculus with the aid of this app. Over 135 Math lessons are offered here, through a series of audio and video lectures that simplifies Calculus to some extent. The best part is that all these lessons are absolutely free of cost. So, you can rewind the videos and watch them as many times as you need to. But, to gain access to more lessons, one has to pay a fee.
  • iCalculusiCalculus is a specialized app that is employed by Math students who are trying to implement the concept of Calculus in real life! I am serious, friends. The app is meant for people who are really serious about Calculus. It helps you master systems of linear equations, equations of Differential Calculus and some other kinds of very common equations associated with Calculus. With the help if this app, you can work on financial operations and many other functions related to Calculus. Scientists, engineers and Math lovers are very fond of this app.
  • Shmoop AP Calculus: Like the AP Exam Prep, another app that can be utilized by AP exam aspirants is the app referred to as Shmoop AP Calculus. Here, you will not only come across problems but also complete exams. Taking these exams would groom you for AP exam and make sure you practice a lot of Calculus problems. There are special instructions provided in this app that motivate you to invest more time on certain topics. Though this app is created mainly for AP candidates, students of other courses can also use this app easily.
  • Free Graphing Calculator: Do you know what is the most essential element that’s compulsory for a Calculus session? Well, it is a device called ‘graphing calculator’. But you can save a substantial amount of time and money that would otherwise have been consumed in purchasing this device. The Free Graphing Calculator app helps you work with your Calculus problems without any hassle. You can easily make graphs by using the app, as it helps you zoom out and zoom in. Apart from that, you can also make tables and perform all other necessary Mathematical functions if you use it.

I hope these apps come to your rescue while you try to solve those Calculus problems next time. Currently there are numerable apps and websites that simplify Math problems. While most of them are free, you need to register for some of them by paying a premium amount. You can download these apps and install them in your iPads, iPhones and other electronic devices. This way you can improve your Calculus skills while you are mobile. So, what are you waiting for dear friends? I wish you all the luck for your fresh Calculus learning sessions, along with these apps!


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