Advertisement Options on offers various options for advertisements and promotions to educational institutions and individual teachers to showcase their profile and skills and reach to more and more audience.

We offer following advertisement options:

A. Banner and Text Box Ads (Keywords based)

B. Featured Listing

C. Multi City & Multi Country Lead

D. Email Marketing

E. Direct Lead Generation


A.     Banner and Text Box Ads:

Image 1 has a unique search engine concept, which delivers relevant search results based on a key phrase on your chosen city. For example if you are in Delhi search for “maths” it will deliver listings of all tutors who are offering tuition in maths, all courses available in Delhi for maths and even all tuition jobs available for maths. So if you are offering anything in maths you can advertise your profile or website through banner and text box ads which will appear only when people searches with key phrases relevant to your service or business.

Image 2

Apart from Search results ad boxes will also appear in sidebar of tutor listings pages. For example in this case ad is also appearing in math tutor listings of Delhi.

So you get double benefits when you go for banner and text box ads. These banner ads are images of standard sizes and links back either to your website or your profile on

B.     Featured Listing or Category Sponsorship:

Image 3

Featured Listing allows your service or business to stay ahead of your competition all the time. Your tutor profile or business listing gets displayed prominently on top of all the categories selected in any city with bold and open display of mobile numbers to get more visibility and increase brand value. You can also go for side banner on category pages.

C.      Multi City & Multi Country Leads:

If you are providing online tuition services or if you have institutes in multiple Indian cities and looking for verified tuition leads we can help you better. If you sign up for our Multi City leads we will provide you all leads of all selected cities and categories every day with our automated lead sending process. We will deliver excel sheet with details of all tuition from all cities every day evening.

We can also provide you student leads from countries like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and UK.

This facility is ideal for online training provider.

D.     Newsletter Email:

You can also place and promote your courses, seminars, workshops and institute details in our email newsletter that are sent to thousands of our authentic and interested subscribers every week.

The newsletter highlights maximum 2 institutes along with 3 courses per city that gives maximum visibility to the users and accurately publicizes the tutors and centers. Also there is lot more credibility since it goes out to only subscribed and registered users who have trust factor of LearnPick brand since 2002

E.      Direct Lead Generation:

We also create customized sign up form to generate direct leads for your institute and promote it through various sections. Initially an upfront amount is required to be paid by you and then then pay per lead as agreed upon.

How to proceed:

Once you agree to advertise your courses or centre in our website please fill up the “Advertise with us” form or you can also contact us on Our efficient Marketing Managers will suitably guide you about the appropriate procedure to initiate the campaigns, the benefits that you can avail and the methods to complete the payment process.


LearnPick is an online marketplace for all kinds of tutoring and learning services. We provide a platform to help learners find home tutors, online tutors, expert trainers,tutorial centers, training institutes and online tutoring schools. Learners can also find local classes, workshops, online courses and tutorials on a huge variety of topics. We operate in 12 countries worldwide and our community of learners, teachers and training businesses numbers over 3,00,000. We provide an opportunity for individual tutors and tutoring businesses to promote and grow their business.

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