Acting as a Career in the Glamorous Industry

Acting as a Career in the Glamorous Industry

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Acting is a specialized type of performing arts demanding high expertise level and zealous efforts. Fascinated by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry every year thousands of aspirants apply for this domain seeking to make it big in the glam world.

With a spate in rising opportunities wannabe actors can kick start their career through portraying varied roles in TV channels, soap operas, anchoring, game shows, tele-films, theatres, advertisements and others that offers the perfect platform to realize your dream. Additionally, fresher can also get enrolled in acting schools to brush up their skills and systematically channelize their potentials to attain success in the Indian Film Industry.

Survey Report

India has earned the distinction to be the largest producer of film financiers and producers making high quality movies that generates large amount of money. Having its presence in a global forum the entertainment world receives acclamation even from foreign countries. As per the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ India Entertainment and Media Outlook 2011 study The Indian entertainment and media industry is expected to grow by 13.2% cumulatively over 2011 to 2015 and reach Rs 1,19,900 crore.

The PwC also reported that the Indian media and entertainment industry had one of the highest growth rates in the world at 11.2% in 2010 and the Indian Film Industry is rated as one of the largest employment generating industries of the Indian economy.


Courses and Acting Schools to Pursue

Each institute has a different set of courses to prepare the students for the glam world. The courses usually span from few months to three years. There are crash courses, workshops or diploma courses to train students in formal academic courses.

Few courses that can be pursued are:

  • Two years post graduate diploma course in acting by FTII in Pune
  • Three months film acting & training course by Asha K. Chandra’s School of Acting in Mumbai
  • A full time course as well as diploma course in Anupum Kher’s acting schoolin Mumbai
  • A three year comprehensive acting course in Dramatic Arts by National School of Drama in New Delhi
  • A one year diploma course for film and television by the Asian Academy of Film and Television in Noida
  • Three months diploma course in acting by The Imago Acting School run by Barry John in New Delhi

Besides, several other noteworthy actors and directors have opened many training institutes like:

  • Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  • Padmini Kolhapure’s Acting School, New Delhi
  • R. K. Films and Media Academy, New Delhi
  • Roshan Taneja Acting Studio, Mumbai
  • Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute, Mumbai
  • Zee Academy of Media Arts in Mumbai
  • Digital Film School, Mumbai
  • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), New Delhi

It is essential to get into an acting school to acquire the set of skills, experience and knowledge required for a shinning career. Students are given expert guidance and trained about technicalities of sound, light, editing, acting therapies, workshops, direction, voice, speech, voice-culture and meditation, diction, sound recording, dubbing, stunts, dance, aesthetics and early morning yoga sessions.

These courses nurture the skills of the aspiring actors and boosting their expertise in creativity, good vocal projection, good imaginative faculty, analyzing ability, physical fitness, dramatic performance, delivery of dialogues, expressions, gestures and others. Competition is fierce in this entertainment industry and a professional course in acting brushes up your skills, helping you to emerge triumphant in the industry.

Steps to follow for the Booming Profession

Pursuing a career in acting requires hard work, patience and perseverance. With thousands of budding actors applying for the B Town only a few can get through it to be successful name. To kick start your career you need to make a detailed plan, procedure and steps.

Preparing: Firstly prepare yourself for the career. Ask yourself

  • What special talents you possess you have? Can you act, sing or dance?
  • Are you mentally prepared to accept rejections?
  • Are to prepared to struggle hard and have patience to survive the strong competitions?
  • What form of acting you choose to pursue: theatre, TV or film?
  • Are you ready to take up minor roles at the onset?

Gather information: Before entering the B Town make a thorough research to gather information about the life, obstacles and struggles of this career. Explore the diverse avenues, the life of celebrities, the efforts they made and their usual dayat work.Read biographies of famous actors and books on acting that gives a better understanding of the profession and the real world of the glamorous world.

Acting school: The second vital step is to gather information about a reputed acting school and listing down the courses they offer. The institutes offer the professional approach to the varied techniques of acting. Moreover, watch documentaries and get the experience of making and acting in self made documentaries or short films. Also, try getting enrolled in for small roles in television that enhances your confidence level.

Develop contacts: Prospective contacts are beneficial for a rewarding career. These will offer information about the vacancy, the efficient casting agents, directors, the forthcoming projects, the ongoing movies, the requirements for actors and others that will give you the much awaited break.

Get agents: Agents too help in developing contacts, offering roles in movies, connecting with the directors and receiving auditions and dates. Make a striking resume to showcase your skills and talents for the job. Include a cover letter highlighting your name and phone number. Also, include your portfolio containing different headshots and a few monologues.

Scams: Be aware of scams. Young, dynamic actors with a keen desire for acting often fall prey to fraud schemes. While enrolling your names in institutes or appointing an agent check for authentication, credentials, registration, the courses, compare the course fees and verify about the trainers, placements, their previous activities and also ask for references. Don’t get cheated at the very onset.

Skills to Master for the Acting Profession

A successful actor with the expertise toportray believable and charismatic roles must master certain creative skills that showcase the innate talent:

  • Effective communicative power
  • Learning and memorizing lines or dialogues with efficiency
  • Performing with different acting techniques and competence
  • Professional and skillful on screen, stage and vocal presence
  • The ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience
  • Good understanding of dramatic techniques
  • Have the energy to struggle, confidence to win and dedication to perform with excellence

The film industry has thrown open a plethora of opportunities for fresh faces. The phenomenal growth rate of this entertainment sector and the changing preferences of the film-makers offer the perfect break that accomplishes your aspirations, fulfilling your dreams into reality.


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