A Comprehensive List Of Ridiculous Myths About The IAS Exam [Infographic]

A Comprehensive List Of Ridiculous Myths About The IAS Exam [Infographic]

Being one of the toughest examinations in India, the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam is associated with a number of ridiculous myths.

In here, we have listed a few of them for your reference. So let’s begin without any further ado.

1. You have to burn the midnight oil for more than 3 years at a stretch to crack this exam

It’s true that you cannot find a worthy substitute for hard work. But, at the same time, you should also focus on finding a balance between hard and smart work to maximize your work efficiency in the long run.

Develop a realistic goal and an organized study routine. Who knows? You may really surprise yourself with the results

2. Students coming from a non-engineering background have no chance

Although it’s a fact that engineering background does give students a slight edge over the others, but at the same time, it’s absolutely nonsensical to think that non-engineering background students have no chance of coming out with flying colors.

Always remember that the one who puts in the maximum effort to the best of his/her abilities ultimately emerges as the winner.

3. Mock tests aren’t required for cracking the IAS

It is extremely important for you to take a simulated mock test of the IAS exam so that you are more or less confident about the things that you can expect from the real exam.

Mock tests can never be ignored in any way whatsoever. So make sure you don’t do that.

4. Indian Administrative Service is the most powerful job in the country

IAS is a service that offers you the opportunity to do something good for the country. This definitely doesn’t mean that it’s the most powerful job in India.

You don’t become a king by becoming an IAS officer. Remember, India is still a democratic country where the Government is of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Therefore, if your motivation is only power, IAS is not the right career option for you.

5. Luck is the deciding factor of the IAS exam

The factor of good and bad luck is definitely not applicable in the case of the IAS exam.

The only thing that’s applicable here is your positive attitude toward the exam coupled with your hard work. So focus on your preparations first. Luck will soon follow.

After all, do remember that God helps only those who help themselves.

Now we have a special infographic for you highlighting a few more myths about the IAS in complete visual detail. Have a look.

So that brings our myth-busting adventure to an end for now. Hope you really had a great read.

Goodbye and good luck!


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