RICS School of Built Environment (SBE) vs NICMAR: What is the ideal choice for you?

Jan 30, 2019

One of the central aspects of the urban Indian dream is to make cities work, by raising people’s economic standards and lifestyles. Sustainable construction, high-quality infrastructure, and better real estate are not just excellent career prospects in a rapidly urbanizing India, but they also contribute to the overall advancement of the people. However, it must be said that the built environment sector in India is suffering due to the dearth of trained professionals. For this reason, there is a need for good institutions to come forward and provide the relevant education to educate aspiring graduates to become industry-ready professionals. This is also the most pressing need of the corporate sector.

Many students have confusion around RICS vs Nicmar but when talking about leading institutions for the built environment sector, the RICS School of Built Environment and NICMAR are the most prominent names. For a clearer understanding of the ideal choice for students, let’s talk about the two institutions and which one is objectively better for aspirants.

RICS is an independent professional body that was originally established in 1868 by a Royal Charter. It has, is, and continues to be committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and standardization in the field of built environment, providing advice on key issues concerning businesses and societies. RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University carries the secure legacy of this 150-year-old institution in India. RICS SBE is delivering a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the built environment sector. There are also options for industry executives to enroll in their executive programs for professional development.

NICMAR is a pioneering institute offering postgraduate level education in the fields of construction management, real estate management, infrastructure management, and project engineering. It has been constituted as a non-profit organization with the objective of engaging in activities for the promotion of research, professionalism, training, and skill formation at all levels of construction and other related industries. Furthermore, it also conducts executive development courses for a wide number of organizations, which include long-term, short-term, and medium-term programmes.

Both the institutions are well-known in their specialized fields. Listed below are few reasons why RICS School of Built Environment can be differentiated.

Specialized MBA degree vs Programme Certificate

One of the primary reasons for RICS SBE to have a huge edge over the other is that it provides a specialized MBA degree that is recognized worldwide by the industry. On the other hand, NICMAR is not UGC or AICTE approved and offers a Post Graduate Program (PGP) certificate to its students. As a result, students graduating from NICMAR cannot pursue further studies after the completion of their course. Those aspiring for doctoral programs cannot transfer any credits of this program into the doctoral studies.

Backed by a Professional Body

RICS regulates both its individual members and firms, while also maintaining the highest standards by enforcing the rules and policies of the built environment sector.

RICS accredits over 650 courses worldwide in reputed universities across the globe. The RICS SBE programs with RICS accreditation are synonymous with the highest quality of education – as per the international standards – and valued immensely worldwide. RICS has accredited over 130,000 qualified and trainee professionals across the globe, with every course offered by RICS SBE being a part of them. These professionals not only contribute to the profession as respectable members but are also invited by governments and societies to offer expert advice.

As an institution backed by a professional body, RICS SBE believes in high academic standards and research to contribute to the development of the built environment sector in India. The institution also played a vital role in the Real Estate Regulation Program (RERA) and is invited to participate in programs related to the built environment.

On the other hand, NICMAR has received UNDP grant, which enables the institute to involve academics from MIT, USA, University of Michigan, IIMA, and other institutes in India. It also involves eminent practitioners from India in development of their curriculum for a full-time residential postgraduate programme in the advanced construction management.

Access to Chartered Qualification, MRICS

RICS is present in 146 different countries. Like RICS, the MRICS qualification too is a global one. This leading chartered qualification vastly improves the career progression of an individual. With an accredited degree, one has higher chances to qualify for MRICS and attain a global passport. This qualification, if written on your visiting card, will add a mark of credibility and excellence to your professional abilities.

While NICMAR doesn’t provide access to Chartered Qualification, it provides full-time postgraduate programmes in the field of advanced construction management, Project Engineering, Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, and Infrastructure Finance, Development & Management.

International Mobility

The RICS SBE programs are management programs and students are enrolled in RICS upon joining their respective programs. They can quickly gain an Associate RICS membership and begin availing the widespread network of the industry professionals. The university MBA degree along with the membership network enables the student to be viewed at a global level and not merely confined to a geography. So, when you work on international projects, this becomes your greatest advantage.

Coming to NICMAR, the institute has signed an MOU with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in order to promote activities of mutual interest, including ASCE/NICMAR seminars, webinars, and other things.

These were some of the differentiators between RICS School of Built Environment and NICMAR. Finally, it is up to you to decide which is your go-to choice!

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