9 Benefits of Taking Online Practice Tests

Aug 13, 2015

Are you preparing for the screening examinations of government jobs? Or, maybe CAT, MAT, and so on? Then you are no stranger to practice tests. More commonly known as mock tests, these examinations are primarily conducted to assess the preparedness of the aspirants.

With the competitive examination getting tougher by the year, the candidates are expected to be prepared for any challenge that comes their way. Some of these include:

  • Exam pattern
  • Time management
  • Assessment criteria
  • Variation in cutoff marks
  • Answering strategies

This is where practice tests come in. They provide a clear demonstration of the actual examination so that the candidates are accustomed with all the aspects of the exam.

There have been certain changes in the traditional practice tests in the recent years. Among those, one can be singled out as the most important.

In the age of the Internet, practice tests have gone digital. Pen and paper have left the building. Online practice test is the new kid on the block.

Most exam preparation courses come with practice tests. Students preparing all by themselves can also take separate practice tests to evaluate their skills. And online practice tests have their own benefits. We will elaborate on those in the course of this article.

course of this article

  1. Convenience Trumps in Online Practice Tests

Many candidates preparing for competitive examinations are employed or are pursuing a course. These engagements make it difficult for them to be available on the date of the examination. It is not always feasible for everyone to clear out their schedules for the specified day at the bat of an eyelid.

This is where online practice tests come to the rescue.

  • Online practice tests save you the trouble of commuting to and from the exam center. You can take these tests from the comfort of your home.
  • Most online tests can be scheduled according to your convenience. This way your schedule stays intact while you fire away answers at your own ease.

What more, they bring an even better version of the pen and paper test to the table. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

paper test

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  1. Students are Provided Immediate Feedback

Throwback to the days of traditional practice tests.

Satish has prepared well for his IBPS PO (Institute of Banking Personnel, Probationary Officers) exam. But somehow, the Data Interpretation section has been playing tricks with him. No matter how much he tries to finish it within time, the clock betrays him. But he has been pulling up his socks lately by employing newer strategies to bring his A-game to the table. He has practiced diligently. And now it is time to put that to a test.

Enter practice test. Satish applied his skills well. The clock marked the end of the exam and an anxious feeling took over in the pit of his stomach. “Have I answered the DI portion correctly?, he wondered. But there was no knowing the result until after a week. That’s a really long time to wait. But Satish couldn’t help it. Seven days is as long as the evaluator will take to check the papers of all the candidates.

Fast forward to the present era of online practice tests.

With a few weeks left for CAT (Common Aptitude Test) and numerous rumors of pattern changes, Tanvi wasn’t so sure any more about her preparedness. So, she decided to put it to a test. She decided the date and time of her examination, studied hard, and appeared for the exam.

Tanvi’s nervousness about how she fared could make her bite off her fingers. But she didn’t have to wait. The result was ready in minutes after she finished the exam. To her surprise, she hadn’t done as badly as she had thought.

With online practice tests, immediate feedback is guaranteed.

feedback is guaranteed

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  1. Quicker Feedback Helps in Effective Preparation

When students are provided with feedback right after they finish the examination, the following things happen:

  • They do not have to wait with fingers crossed and minds constantly drifting to the impending result.
  • It gives them ample time to identify the gaps in their preparation and rectify those.
  • Since these exams are goal-oriented, rookie mistakes that students could have overlooked are highlighted.
  • Students get to identify their speed and can focus on how to manage time more efficiently in the actual exam.
  1. Feedback is Not Biased

This serves as one of the biggest factors of taking online practice tests. Every online test is designed in a way to test the participant’s ability. And the answers are evaluated with utmost precision. Since these exams focus on assessing the level of preparedness of the aspirants, the evaluation process matches up accordingly.

These tests are marked automatically and this omits any scope of partiality. Rest assured, students will be provided with a feedback that is completely based on their performance in the exam.

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  1. It is Easier to Manage Online Practice Tests

Online practice tests make the whole process of conducting and managing the test easier.

Online Practice Tests

  • These tests grade themselves, saving time and effort of the teacher.
  • Online tests do not require photocopying of the question papers by the bundle. These are easily available online.
  • Online tests can be used in two different modes, namely, the practice mode and the exam mode. As a mode of practice, online tests are effective learning tools. When you switch to the exam mode, you have a tailor-made mock test waiting to be unlocked.
  • The results of the online practice tests are automatically stored in the learning management system, saving teachers and students the trouble of carrying the answer sheets around.
  • Online tests are asynchronous. These tests can be accessed from any device.

In addition, students can take retests of the online exams if they feel that they have not given their best.

  1. Confidentiality is Paramount

Practice tests come with the possibility of being jeered at for the wrong answers. This demotivates students immensely. Students tend to shy away from practice tests for this. And this takes away the evaluation factor from the preparation strategy. That is a huge negative for aspirants.

Online practice tests are highly confidential. If you are taking a practice test separately, then nobody will know the result other than you. This ushers in a confidentiality factor in the preparation. Students can easily take an online test without fellow aspirants’ ridicule clouding their answers.

Therefore, online practice tests do not only boost students’ performance, but their confidence too.

boost students’ performance

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  1. Online Tests Let You Track Your Progress

Sometimes you might feel that the test you just answered wasn’t that fulfilling, you could have done better. So you prepare some more and a couple of days later you feel ready enough to take the test again. This time you do a better job at it. The result is an evidence of this fact.

That being done, you shift your focus on the other topics of the exam. You write the section-wise tests and you feel pretty good about the result. Now you take a day off, revise a little, and decide to take the tests again. You do just that and the scores come in. Now you wonder, “What was my last score in the Reasoning section, again?”

And your previous records instantly come to the rescue. That is the fun of taking online practice tests.

The results of online tests are stored in the system. So, you can easily keep a tab on the previous scores. This way, when you achieve a better score, you feel a little burst of happiness manages a peak in your mind.

  1. Online Practice Tests Let You Prepare for Multiple Tests at a Time

Traditional practice tests do not have any scope for multiple exam preparation. This is because these tests tag along with the respective preparatory courses. So that gives you no window to prepare for other exams.

However, with online tests adorning the evaluation process of your preparation, you can easily prepare for multiple exams at one time. And taking separate exams for those is easy too.

  1. Feedback Contains Improvement Suggestions

Every time you get an answer wrong, you immediately think about what you missed. So, you frantically scan through the books to locate the correct answer to the question. You can forget about that hassle with online practice tests.

As soon as an answer is marked incorrect in an online test, you would automatically be shown suggestions for improvement of your answer. So, you get a scope of probing into the suggestions and tally those with what you have written. This way, you would refrain from making the same mistake the second time onwards.

So, the importance online practice tests goes far beyond convenience. There are a number of benefits of these tests.

Even though there are certain myths clouding the idea, online test is an underexploited treasure chest that has the potential to take learning to newer heights of excellence. You can do your research to find out how you can perform best in online practice tests. So what are you waiting for? Take yours now!

How have you benefited from online practice tests? Share your experience with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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