7 Must - Have Qualities of a Proficient Software Developer

Jul 17, 2014

Technology is fast changing and having qualities necessary to develop programs for highly developed computing system seems to be mandatory for all those who wish to excel in this profession. Here’s a list of top skills or qualities that you need to develop to succeed in your career in software programming field.

Collaborate across space as well as time

In the current world where customers are distributed across the world, your capacity to work asynchronously and also in remote manner will be an added advantage for you. However working as well as collaborating with different people in diverse locations and also with diverse time schedules is definitely not an easy task. Evolving as well as remaining updated in the industry are the prerequisites for gaining success in the software programming sector. Top notch software houses look out for best talent locally and if necessary, they also find out programmers from different countries of the world. Therefore if you wish to excel in your profession it is vital that you should be able to work in diverse ways that actually span time zones as well as distances.

Be a self-learner!

With every passing day the software industry is evolving at a fast pace. New edition of software along with new applications or features are being upgraded at regular intervals. A good developer should have the capacity to upgrade and learn all the new software features.

The arena of software programming is rightly backed by a community of open source programmers who participate well as contribute to development of open source application. There are thousands of software being developed by practitioners in open source platform.

To hone up your skills in software development, you should participate in different open source communities relevant for your job. It will enable you to learn by solving business problems of real time as well as establish your credibility in community.

The people who wish to participate in open source platforms develop SugarCRM, WordPress, Joomla and few more. Multiple open source applications have enabled the developers gain access to quality software at free of cost and that too in affordable way.

Problem Solving Skills

Irrespective of technology or programming language you use, if you are unable to solve the problems, then you will not be able to excel in software development field. Without improving problem solving ability, a developer will not be able to write proper codes which also fails to bring in desirable outcome as well as creates more problems. Therefore, the best method to learn about the effective practices of software programming is by learning from suggestions of proficient developers. There are few online courses available in the market and you must get enrolled to such course to improve your problem solving abilities and other relevant skills.

Know about use of source control systems

Understanding source control system is nothing new for software programmers. However it is vital that your knowledge about control system should be more relevant for development of enterprise software.  Lack of knowledge of this type of system imposes a major problem for the developer. Therefore it is vital that a software developer remains updated with the current trends. And they should make efforts to get themselves exposed to the control system.

Even if they do not need to use this system at their present workplace, they still should gain access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other handy tools. In a computer programming, application programming interface (API) determines how few software components would effectively interact with each other. Knowledge about this type of system will take you a long way in software programming. In this way, they may find a wonderful way to build repository of personal projects and earn appreciation of your potential employees.

Make all the things quite meaningful

In maximum times, most developers waste time and energy trying out trial as well as error method. There are multiple samples or examples available for all types of technical or coding scenario. Instead of wasting time or energy, the software programmer searches as well as customizes code samples that also allow you to deliver code right on time. In this way you can deliver more meaningful work on a daily basis.

Develop your Business Skills

There are few developers who often overlook the significance of business abilities. Any software programmer may develop diverse software application. However a proficient developer is someone who can understand business significance of software application, apart from learning all the skills. Indeed, business skills is one of the important parameters to discriminate between a proficient and an inefficient software developer.

Each product is created as per the requirement of business and client. And a developer who can create an application by understanding requirements of customers as well as business may certainly be advantageous for a company.

Build your communication skills

Developing communication abilities is necessary for the professionals who are associated with different domains in the current times. The same is true for software developer. The developers also should be able to explain information to the managers as well as co-workers properly and must be able to work in a collaborative manner to accomplish desirable results. Both verbal and written skills are important. For instance, verbal skills are crucial for delivering wonderful presentations while written skills are essential for proper documentation.

The ability to convey ideals or concepts clearly is necessary for software developers. The instances are not rare when many skilled software developers fail to gain recognition for work only because they are unable to develop proper communication with the co-workers. Other developers with mediocre abilities just take advantage because of their good communication abilities. Therefore, a proficient software developer should also be able to interact with other people with absolute clarity as well as efficiency.

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