6 Ways to cultivate Soft Skills to land your Dream Job

Mar 12, 2016
6 Ways to cultivate Soft Skills to land your Dream Job

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 When you search for soft skills online, a good number of top skills that show in an employer’s list include regularity and dependability. You need to cultivate soft skills to provide the evidence of the fact that your good grades and educational background is followed up with substance and ability.You need to show concrete examples of the best skills you have and whether you are a professionally well-prepared personality who has skills and orientation all at the same time. You should be able to show your employer that you are suitable for hiring and best at furthering the motto of the company. Soft skills usually constitute certain qualities such as dependability and trustworthiness, initiative and strong motivation along with superlative communication skills. You should also be able to show adequate problem solving skills along with commitment and flexibility.Here are the top things to do to hone your soft skills when just out of college or university and help yourself to land that dream job:

  1. Practice does make perfect:

If you thought just good technical and academic scores are enough to get started on a great job and help garner that appointment letter, then think again. Soft skills and personal development are as important factors as great grades. You should start learning about soft skills in the final year of college. Work on training camps, sports and debate societies. Work and practise hard to build on a recipe for success. Interactions and regular note taking, attending seminars and sessions. Working on such skills on the campus always leads to a thriving and fulfilling personal development of a student.

  1. Involve yourself in discussions and participate in teaching activities:

In case you are a final year student, you can easily take classes as a teacher upon special request. You may not fit into teaching roles in a large way but it helps garner experience in people management and communication. Formal and controlled environments help in fostering leadership qualities. This is essential in acquiring the best of jobs. It will help you gain skills every day without much effort.

  1. Start with volunteering in a community:

For most students teamwork and commitment are best learnt while at a camp or a collective job fair. College offers you immense opportunities to build on community skills and participation techniques. You may never participate in charities and organizing extensive employment seminars. These help infuse a sense of time and resource management that is best suited for a formal job environment later in life.

  1. Becoming a mentor:

Most students who are senior and have graduated with distinction with impeccable records in universities often serve as the best mentors to budding student leaders. Mentoring offers adequate amount of exposure to different ways of managing people. Many actually learn to deal with other people’s problems and stay in touch with real person-oriented issues. Mentoring is often a very personal activity and requires a lot of empathy and understanding. This helps students to prepare for a tougher managerial role later in a job or in the professional life.

  1. Class participation is key:

 If you are an introvert in class who follows and acts without taking any initiative over topics and issues, you may be in for a change. Class participation is actually a must for students to hone their soft skills. Presentations, class answers, group work and projects along with specific problem solving always lead to valuable experiences for students. Teachers often reward the class engagers and help them achieve far reaching goals. These are things that are required in the “real world” and you should have an open mind to group discussions and team work.

  1. Get involved in the school student council:

 If you become a head of cultural affairs or even a house captain, chances of you learning a lot more are high. Join the administration board in the school and take up gardening and music projects. If your university has specific people initiatives in the neighbourhood or the community, actively participate in them, check out the organizations inside the campus and articulate your concerns and learnings through those platforms. It may not be a smooth ride always but the learning curve is steep.Demonstrating your soft skills in a job interview may be tough at the first instance. However, your other achievements are more than visible to your employers in the first job interview. What makes you a good recruit is often writ large on the way you handle questions and even from the way you choose words in an interview.In case you want to know more about soft skills and your career guide in Kolkata, visit https://www.learnpick.in

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