Oct 10, 2018

Just like any other profession, teaching keeps on evolving, and this change has been attributed to factors such as diversity in the job market, the invention of new job descriptions and the changing technologies. Before the worldwide acceptance of the internet, teaching methods were inclined into traditional means of communication but with the changes in technology, education has undergone a noticeable transformation, and this is expected to advance even more in the future.

The recent times have seen much focus on artificial intelligence, and we can be sure that the future holds more interesting teaching adventures. Therefore, as a future teacher, there are so much unknown expectations that you can anticipate, but the following tips will be useful in ensuring that you get the best teacher training that will help you deliver the necessary skills to your students and that will assist them to fit in the world and seize the emerging opportunities.

1. Embrace eTeaching

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With the rate at which technology is taking over, you can be sure that in the future, you will be able to get in touch with your students without being physically in the classroom. And as a teacher, you should be prepared to adopt these effective teaching methods.

You can start by appreciating technology more and keep updating yourself with the recent trends as it will not help to ignore it and end up falling behind which will not be fair to your students.

Appreciating technology comes in handy with recognizing the contributions that social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat among others, have on the daily lives of your students. Most of the students prefer using these sites to pass on information, and as a future teacher, you will need to create social media pages for your class where the students can post or access information as well as ask questions. Students are always ahead when it comes to new technologies and social networks and keeping up with the trends will be essential to you since your students can count on you to understand and help them should anything go wrong on these sites.

2. Paperless Learning

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Technology is taking over the classrooms, and the students will no longer need hand copy study books or notebooks. As a teacher, you can have your notes on your computer or tablet while as the students can access the students through mobile devices and all you need is to send them the soft copy.

You can expect that you will no longer need to dictate notes as the students write them down which will save time. This is because you will spend more time explaining the critical points and answering questions since the students will already have the notes.

You need to embrace this change since it will not only save wastage of paper but it will make the learning process interesting as the students will not waste much of the time taking down notes which could be boring at times.

3. Allowing the Students to Steer their Learning

This is project-based learning where the students will use their skill as well as concepts learned in class, to come up with practical projects. This could be termed as an in-service learning where the learnings in the classrooms are made real for the students. In addition to the learnings taught in schools, the changing technology has enabled students to source help from other online education platforms. For example, if a student is not conversant with a certain subject or topic such as writing essays, I can pay someone to write my paper. Considering that the job world requires actual activities and applications rather than the theoretical part, this strategy will help students get the necessary skills that will help them when they are out of school. The future school teacher will be less inclined towards grades and more into the real value of the student. The beginning of the students will not matter as much as the growth progress and accomplishment.

4. Appreciate the Use of Edtech Chameleon

Edtechs are technology apps that will help you get a sturdy footing on the new teaching techniques. This apps will not only help you go paperless but they will help you adjust to the digital teaching by providing teaching guides, and online grade books among others. There are numerous education apps, and you only need to use that which works for you.

It is important to note that obtaining these apps and tools is not the primary goal; the primary focus is to help you attain your learning and teaching goal and becoming an edtech chameleon allows you to adjust and adopt various apps that will positively transform your teaching experience.

5. Interactive Lessons

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If you are looking to teach for the future, then you need to understand that the future education required you to be more adept and have the ability to develop interventions that will help your students move to the next level. You will need to have the ability to recognize the strengths and the weakness of your students. More so, studies have shown that the average attention span of a person has reduced from 12 seconds in 2000 to approximately 8 seconds in 2013, and you can be sure that this will get lesser and as a future teacher you need to incorporate effective teaching techniques that help you hold interactive lessons that will help keep your students’ attention.

We can’t block the future from happening; we can only equip ourselves with the necessary teacher training that will help us face it head-on. You can check out additional aspects that you can anticipate in the future of education at https://amipsyche.com/future-of-education.html. However, we can admit that these changes in education are for the better and will transform how the students view education and will help them face the real world with confidence since they will have the skills to fit in the working fields. 

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