5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Ideal Tutor

5 Simple Tips for Selecting the Ideal Tutor

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Whether you are looking to excel in your board exams, ace those competitive entrance tests, or if you simply need additional guidance on a few academic subjects, a qualified and experienced tutor can be of valuable help. Private tutoring focuses on individual needs and therefore improves academic learning while also boosting your confidence on the subject.


However, the effectiveness of the tutoring will depend on the tutor’s expertise, which includes the teaching experience and style, and the ability to customise the training to match your requirement.

Since a good tutor can make all the difference between academic success and missed opportunities, students and their parents often spend considerable time and effort in searching for the right tutor.

To help ease the process of selection, here are 5 simple tips for choosing a tutor who is ideal for you –

1.    Understand your requirements

Before you start your search for a tutor, it is important to make a checklist of the requirements. Here is a possible list of factors to evaluate –

  • Do you need help in all subjects, or in a particular subject?
  • How much time do you have on hand – a couple of hour’s everyday for a few months, or just a few weeks ahead of exams?
  • What teaching style would work the best? Would you be able to learn through an online tutorial, or you need a private home tutor, or a tuition centre with modern teaching aids?
  • Are you looking for someone with proven expertise in teaching? This is particularly significant if you are preparing for a competitive exam.
  • How much money are you willing to spend? Remember, one-to-one tuitions may cost a lot more than group tuitions.
  • What is the proximity of the trainer’s location to your own address?

2.   Assess basic qualifying criteria and tutor credentials

The best way to obtain a list of available and trained tutors in your area is by performing a simple search on www.learnpick.in. Compare academic degrees, teaching style, experience, pricing, location, and customer testimonials of the tutors listed in your subject category. Assess the available profiles against your basic selection criteria and shortlist five to six potential tutors.

3.   Initiate contact and make preliminary enquiries

The next step is to initiate contact by emailing the shortlisted tutors. Fill the contact form visible against the tutor’s profile on LearnPick.

Feel free to ask for as much information as you want from the tutor. If you need assistance in preparing for a competitive exam, find out how many of the tutor’s students have qualified the particular exam. Seek references, so that you can speak to them and get first hand reviews about the tutor. Here is a list of possible questions to ask:

  • I/my child is appearing for…..exams in ….2014, how do you think you can help?
  • What tutoring methods do you use?
  • How long do you expect it would take to complete the course?
  • How long of a commitment can you make?
  • What is your availability, and where do you teach (at home, child’s home, tuition centre)?
  • What improvements can we expect in our child with your tutoring? How long would you take to show results?
  • How much would you charge? What payment method and frequency do you prefer?

4.    Assess the teaching style/expertise

You cannot just rely on their academic qualifications; you also have to gauge their teaching style and attitude. Check if the tutor would be willing to provide a trial class or allow you to sit in on any of the existing sessions. Assess if there are any communication barriers, if you are able to comprehend the lessons, and if the tutor appears focussed and attentive.

5.    Make comparisons and hire

Basis information collected shortlist the top two tutors and assess which of them best meets your requirements. Finalise terms with the desired candidate and hire the tutor of your choice.

With a growing database of over 54500 tutors with varied qualifications and experience, and almost 2000 tutorial centres, LearnPick has the answer for all your tutoring needs.

Regardless of where you are located, or your study requirements, LearnPick offers you the perfect platform for selecting a tutor who is just right for you.

With LearnPick, your journey to academic success is just a few clicks away; so let’s get started now!


LearnPick is an online marketplace for all kinds of tutoring and learning services. We provide a platform to help learners find home tutors, online tutors, expert trainers,tutorial centers, training institutes and online tutoring schools. Learners can also find local classes, workshops, online courses and tutorials on a huge variety of topics. We operate in 12 countries worldwide and our community of learners, teachers and training businesses numbers over 3,00,000. We provide an opportunity for individual tutors and tutoring businesses to promote and grow their business.

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