3 Best STEM Tools for Teachers

Mar 21, 2017

STEM is often referred to as the educational policies, strategies and curriculum decisions needed to develop in schools to increase the level of competitiveness in the fields of science and technology. It brings together four different yet familiar subjects, i.e., mathematics, science, engineering, and technology. All those subjects require almost similar sets of skills to attain academic success. Teachers use various STEM resources to make students more engaged and excited about the curriculum. These tools are available all across the internet for kids studying in different classes.

Modern day workplace areas, around the globe, are becoming more and more competitive. Having proper STEM experience can go a long way in learning and developing new skills for each student. The tools and resources are not limited to only math and science classes, rather incorporating such tools can help critical and creative thinking of an individual as well as enhancing their teamwork and collaboration.

Even for the most knowledgeable and professional STEM tutors; choosing the right tools can be difficult to decide. Following are the factors which are to be considered to have the most appropriate STEM system in classrooms.

Factors of choosing the right tools

  • Grade Level – Student's cognitive abilities should be assessed and analyzed before deciding the tools. The standard of education, understanding skills of the individual and motor skill development are some of the factors to be kept in mind.

  • Area of expertise – The subjects taught by the teacher should be the focus, depending on which a tool should be used on the students. Those who curb the wastage of time by doing collaborative teaching of the four subjects should consider different sets of tools.

  • Cost and re-usability – The price and usability is another important factor. Teachers should be aware of the additional costs required for a specific tool and whether it can be re-used at a future date before buying it.

Best STEM Resources for Teachers

Lesson Planet

They provide various contents for practical usage in the classroom. Teachers are required to pay a small sum of money each month to get access. Lesson Planet has a broad range of teaching manuals, classroom instructions and educational applications for STEM subjects. All the available content are examined and reviewed by expert teachers in this field to maintain their reputation and standards. Through lesson planet, it becomes easier to plan STEM lessons because of the teaching resources they provide. They have courses for tutors which explain them the benefits of technology in the world of education. Also, there is an online community which is a great platform for all teachers to share and communicate ideas with each other.


The tool provided by STEM-Works makes learning and teaching fun for both students and teachers, respectively. This online resource goes beyond the conventional and traditional ways of learning with its subjects ranging from the animal kingdom and wildlife, underwater, extreme climatic conditions and others. They have sufficient information through articles which are available in an accessible form. The useful tools of STEM-Works can turn teaching lessons in classrooms into an engaging and worthwhile experience.


CK-12 has both the teaching and learning version on their site. They have information on various subjects and discipline which can come in handy for a tutor. Teachers can get access to mathematics and science resources for students studying in different grades. The biggest feature on CK-12 is the creation of FlexBook. Teachers can make their very own textbook containing different chapters for the best STEM teaching. They aim to cater to the needs of each student and their speed of studying with their tools.


Through such STEM resources, educators can teach their students how to equip to the workplace demands and higher education environment.

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