12 programming apps for kids (P-1)

12 programming apps for kids (P-1)

It’s quite a well-known fact now that coding has become a part of the basic literacy. You must speak the language of the computers well, along with English and your mother-tongue, to survive in this competitive market. Therefore, most parents and teachers are striving hard to introduce coding as a part of the curriculum to students at a very early age.

Several apps are available in the market that can help you in your early coding introductory classes. Take a look.

1. Scratch Jr. (Suitable for ages 5 to 7)

Scratch Jr. is considered to be one of the best apps for young children to get accustomed to the wonders of programming. Children can learn about several programming concepts without even realizing that they are learning something constructive while having fun at the same time.

Scratch Jr. has an attractive drag and drop interface where players have to arrange the programming blocks in the right order to get the desired result. The app might look pretty simple on the hindsight, but there’s absolutely no doubt that it really does the job effectively well, and well beyond expectation in certain circumstances.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes for Android and iOS devices respectively.

2. Lightbot Jr: Coding Puzzles (Suitable for Ages 4 to 8)

The Lightbot Jr. app gives the players a practical knowledge of fundamental programming instructions like:

  • How to write instructions in a step-by-step manner,

  • How to debug problems in the best possible manner,

  • How to write a loop, and other similar procedures.
    - and others.

Players have to guide a virtual lightbot to its specified destination (through the aid of commands) for successful level completions. The Lightbot Jr. app is available on Google play and iTunes for Android and iOS devices respectively.

3. Daisy the Dinosaur (Suitable for ages 5 to 8)

This app teaches the basics of coding to kids through the aid of a cute dinosaur, Daisy. The app has a basic drag and drop user interface that players can use to arrange the code snippets in the right order to get the job done as per the specified requirements.

This app is available on the iTunes and can be downloaded for free.

4. Kodable (Suitable for ages 6 to 8)

The Kodable app is based on a fictitious story.

A group of furry aliens (AKA the Fuzzes) were in the midst of space exploration. While they were on this mission, their spaceship crashed and landed on a planet having lots and lots of mazes. The only way out is to get through all these mazes.”

Players have to design their code in the right way so that the Fuzzes can successfully explore these mazes to reach their destination. This game is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

5. Codeable Crafts (Suitable for ages 6 to 8)

The Codeable Crafts app is more or less similar to the app Scratch Jr. (the one that’s highlighted in point number 1). In this app, players will have to create their very own imaginative stories through the aid of drawing, as well as coding.

This is how it works:

  • At first, the players have to create a character. They can do this by drawing one of their own and taking a photograph of the same (through the use of the device camera), or they can use a template character that comes with the app itself.

  • Next, comes the step of character detailing. The players can use virtual crayons or stickers (that come with the app itself) for the purpose of character detailing.

  • Then they will have to design a story based on the very same character. They can use several block-based programming tools for designing their very own versions of a story around the character.

So to sum up, we can easily say that the entire concept is pretty fun and engaging at the same time. The Codeable Crafts app is available on iTunes and Google Play for FREE.

So that’s all for now then folks. We promise to come up with the part 2 as soon as possible. But till then, sayonara!


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