10 Websites to Simplify Your Math Problems

10 Websites to Simplify Your Math Problems

The myth of the scary, green monster called Math has been prevalent, I believe largely due to preconception, among students for quite a while now. This has created an uncalled for trouble for the teachers to pacify the fear for Math amidst students. But, with the evolution of the smart era, Math has reduced to a lesser pain than it was before. Numerous apps and websites have sprouted to help students and teachers manage the eternal distress of Mathematics. Let us look into a few.

Cool Math : Cool Math is a fun website designed to make Math enjoyable. This website provides for all age groups which makes the learning experience all the more delightful. Starting from Math games to Algebra as well as Pre-calculus, you would be able to learn and teach Math without getting bored at all.

Math : This website provides interactive learning for not just Math, but for other subjects as well. This website is not restricted to home learning only, but provides for group or classroom learning too. Check this one out for educational games, simulations and a lot more.

Mathletics.asia : This is an online service for students to cope up with their Math difficulties. It plays the role of an online tutor, allows students to challenge other user of this website in real time Math puzzles, and emails weekly reports of student’s progression to their parents.

Ten Marks : Ten Marks is an effective website for both students and teachers to simplify Math from grade 2 to high school. It makes Math more engaging and interactive with its online instructions and practice materials.

Math Central : Maintained by the faculty and students of the University of Regina, Canada, this website is reputed for its beneficial service for both students and teachers. It provides several resources for teaching and learning Math.

Teachnology : This website offers over 2000 Math printable meant for students from grade Kindergarten to 12. Teacnology is useful for both students and teachers and provides unending benefits to them.

Education World : Education World provides numerous Math practice sheets for students and teachers in printable format. The variety of instructions given for simplifying Math problems would boost Math learning and teaching experience.

Super Teacher Worksheets : As the name suggests, this website provides worksheets for teachers and students. Teachers can also create their own worksheets by becoming a member. Covering a wide array of Math games, puzzles and activities, this website is to look out for.

AAA Math : A free website covering numerous Math lessons for students from Kindergarten to eight grade, AAA Math makes Math fun and interactive. Students get to practice Math problems and get feedbacks as well.

Mathscore : Mathscore provides interactive Math lessons to improve Math skills for students. This website encourages teachers to create their own Math test for students, provides critical analyzing tests for Math skills and a lot more.

Check the above mentioned websites out for a trial run. Identify the ones that suit your requirements and you are good to go. Math won’t be trouble anymore.


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