10 Top Advantages of Public Speaking and Leadership Skills

Feb 26, 2016

Each one of us has the ability to speak in public, but some of us are better than the rest. People who have exceptional public speaking skills are also the ones who possess great leadership skills. The primary objective of your ability to address the public is to rise above the competition and put your message across effectively. Public speaking skills are imperative for an individual’s success and they help motivate a crowd to initiate positive changes in the society. Some of the reasons why Public Speaking and Leadership Skills are important to success are:

 Rise in Self-confidence
We gain a sense of self-worth and confidence from the positive views on us, from the people of our society. Public speaking elevates your self-confidence spectacularly. Oratory skills increase your ability to communicate with others and make you more confident automatically, thereby increasing your ability to perceive people’s feedback to your message. During a common conversation, you can realize what others are thinking and accordingly modify your speech to make people believe and consider what you intend them to. This will convince people that you are superior to them.

 Lead Your Followers
Leading your group or organization calls for effective speech-making skills, as every leader must be capable of standing up to a cause and deliver an inspiring message. By delivering a talk in front of a crowd, you can catch the attention of likeminded people. It is always better to lead people who support you and keep you unbeaten rather than supporting others in their success. Hence, public speaking becomes extremely significant if you aspire to become a leader. People go after leaders who motivate them and express their feelings effectively. If you can communicate efficiently, you can earn yourself a number of followers. Some of the world renowned leaders were the best public speakers.

 Increase in Comfort Level around Others
One of the most anxiety-causing things about being in the company of others is possibility of some embarrassing moments, when we say something we should not have said. Public speaking increases your capability at communication and you grow comfortable around other people.

 Business Success
Owning an excellent product or service does not ensure business success but having rhetorical skills can guarantee superior sales for your business. Business leaders understand how to effectively get their message and emotion across to customers and employees. This helps generate exceptional revenues for their ventures. Public speaking and leadership skills allow entrepreneurs to convey their point with clarity and confidence to clients, associates, personnel, sponsors and public.

 Secure Better Employment
It is important to present yourself well at an interview as it eventually decides whether you secure that lucrative job or not or you land in the elevated pay bracket or not. Public speaking skills help secure a better job as they help put your idea across in the most effective manner and impress your superiors.

 Need of the Hour
With cut throat competition transpiring across every sphere of life, public speaking skills have become the need of the hour. Any opportunity to speak in public will enhance your influence and leadership, and move you up in your career. As a confident and competent public speaker, you instantly rise above other people who hesitate to take the stage. Giving presentations at business meetings or selling a product to clients comes easy to a public speaker. No matter what the situation is, the skill will always put you above the rest.

 Draw Attention
Having the ability to manipulate people’s feelings, so that they are willing to listen to your thoughts, gives you the power to bring authentic and positive changes in others’ lives. With the intention of doing something important, you need to get hold of public attention and transfer your idea into their minds. You can guarantee your success by speaking to the public in a way that your words remain in their memory forever. There is no better way to do it than having extraordinary public speaking skills.

 Performance Booster
Public speaking improves communication skills, leadership skills, confidence and aptitude to interpret and comprehend people. These skills that you learn while speaking in public can really boost your performance. Almost 90% of individuals avoid speaking out in public but possessing the ability to articulate your feelings or ideas publicly can make you stand out from among the general people. Being in the public eye opens the doorway to the next promotion or steers you away from the clutches of redundancy.

 Demonstrate Your Intelligence
While most of the people shy away from standing up in public to make a point, your capability to stand up and speak to a crowd positions you as a professional in your domain. This is a brilliant opportunity to make a statement and impart knowledge. The best way to learn something new is to teach, and public speaking bestows upon you a chance to teach. It helps you develop your knowledge as the preparation required to compile a speech will improve your insight. Additionally, your attempt to speak to others successfully pushes you to understand your speech better.

 Stress Reduction
Organisations suffer a lot due to underperforming and stressed out employees. Work associated stress can demoralise executives and management. Improper communication causes stress at work but valuable speaking skills can reduce this stress. The ability to give an excellent presentation reduces the pressure on speakers as they are prepared to give the speech and communicate more effectively. The techniques of giving great presentations help you turn into a superior communicator.

The above mentioned points affirm that public speaking and leadership skills go hand in hand. A leader with amazing rhetoric skills can influence public by recognizing and articulating their feelings and ultimately bring a difference to the community.

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