10 Tips How to Study from Home and Get Good Marks

Oct 11, 2019

Every student knows that studying one night before an exam is wrong – it simply doesn’t work. Doing something last minute will just increase the pressure and ruin your productivity. This in return, ruins your grades. 

But, it is never too early to develop better study habits. You can learn to study from home for free and drastically increase your chances of good marks. This isn’t your regular list of tips that tells you to sleep, eat, and study. Your social life should not end once you become a student. The goal of my list is to help you form good study habits that give you both high grades and free time.

1. Pick Your Time

When in school, your studies must be your priority. So, you’re not putting studying on the list after you’ve decided when you’ll do the rest of the to-do list. You put it first, while the to-do list is empty.

The perfect study time is different for everyone. I study best at night, while my sister studies best in the morning. It all comes down to when you’re at your most productive state. So, try it out. Study at morning, at dawn, and late at night. See what works for you and make that your study time.

2. Sleep

Sleep is what keeps you energized and focused. Without sleep, you can’t study. Every home sleep study will tell you the same – the duration and quality of your sleep determine your success throughout the day.

Everything is related to sleep. If you’re having troubles picking the right sleep routine, make your own at home sleep study. Find out how many hours you need to feel rested, set that time only for sleeping in your schedule, and do it every day. Quality sleep depends on how much you sleep, where you sleep, and how adherent you are to your sleep schedule.

3. Study Every Day

While at school, you sleep, eat, and study every day. This will reduce the tension when exam sessions come, but it will also help you organize your time. If you study a bit every day, you’ll have time for everything from parties to a quiet night on your own. 

4. Plan Your Time

Planning is everything when you have too much to do. Every week and every day, make a schedule, a to-do list. Put your studies and your sleep in it, prioritize the rest, and make sure you know what needs to be done by the end of the day. But most importantly, actually use that plan.

5. Pick a Learning Style

As we have the most productive hours, we also have the most effective learning style. Learn what yours is by testing different strategies. The style you feel most confident about is the learning style you should use to cut down study time in half.

6. Take Good Care of Yourself

You won’t perform well unless you take care of yourself. Students often focus too much on studies that they forget about the most important thing – their health. If you want to be productive and healthy, you need to take care of yourself. Exercise regularly. Sleep every day. Eat healthy food.

7. Take a Break

When you get that feeling of overwhelm, and you often will, reward yourself with a break. We all need breaks, regardless of how good we are at something. Studying for a long time will decrease your focus and performance, increase your stress, and ruin your mood. So, take breaks. No matter how small they are, take them to refresh yourself.

8. Get Help

Students often find themselves in a position when they can’t do something. This isn’t unacceptable or unrealistic. It doesn’t make you a bad student. So, when you are too tired, have lost motivation or confidence, or simply don’t feel like it, buy dissertation from Edubirdie PhD writers and let someone help you for a change.

9. Keep Yourself Motivated

Find the things that make you tick, that give you the motivation to keep studying. Compete with friends, give yourself small rewards for completed tasks, and get something that will keep you motivated. There are plenty of things that you can use for motivation, such as a family that praises you or a nicely arranged study room with inspirational quotes.

10. App It Up

Apps are your best friend during your studies. Technology makes everything easier today, so make sure to use the best of it. Use apps for note-taking, to remove distractions, write or edit papers, make your schedule, etc. 

Are you ready to change your study routine and succeed fast? Follow this guide and it will get you there – for sure!


It is never too early to develop better study habits. You can learn to study from home for free and drastically increase your chances of good marks. The below tips can help.

Elizabeth Skinner

Elizabeth Skinner is a college advisor. Her task is to help a student pick the right path for himself, both education and career-wise. But, she’s also dedicated on helping students finish their current educational challenges, which is why she creates blog posts that share tips.

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