10 Safety Apps That Can Make College Campuses A Better And Safer Place

Nov 14, 2019

A college campus is more comfortable for students, as here they don’t feel too enclosed within the four walls of classrooms. It is their free world to express their minds and exchange ideas. Here, they are not constantly monitored by teachers and professors.

The scholars, here are adults and they are free to attend classes or discard them according to their wish, obviously up to a limit. Though in a college, students stand close to a thin line of being responsible or being free to do whatever their mind demands.

That is the reason a college campus should be a safer place for all students. Being too harsh, they will revolt and letting go too much, they could be dangerous for themselves.

Let us wisely choose 10 safety apps that can make college campuses a better and surely a safer place.

1. WhatsApp

This one’s the most popular and easily available app in our smart phones.

By the time a student celebrates his or her birthday of being in the high school, they get their best present from their parents. A smart phone with apps!

A WhatsApp group is essential for all the students. There could be multiple groups depending on their year of commencing, their choice of interest or their selection of friends. This is necessary because if anyone in the group is in jeopardy, the rest of the group members become aware of his or her post and immediately come for help. The group administrator might be a teacher or a reliable senior.

2. Facebook live

Recording a video and posting it or simply to go live on Facebook is a great advantage for Facebook users to appeal to fellow students. Instant reactions come through and actions can be taken.

3. Instagram

Instagram is also a leading tool for spreading message, thoughts, ideas, grievances, pictures, videos to create awareness and instant responses.

4. bSafe

Apps like this create a personal security system which now has become quite popular in the USA. It makes your own security network and if in any anxiety, you can use SOS Button, Voice Activation, Live Streaming, Recording, Your Guardians, Follow Me etc. features in this app. This is a must for students in and out of campus.

5. Live Camera CCTV

This initiative should be taken by the college governing body. If they put several CCTV in the campus, they can be aware of student activities without poking nose into their personal and private matters.

Students, at the same time, if aware that they are under surveillance in the campus would not try to do things which they are not supposed to do.

6. Companion

This app is quite similar to bSafe.

7. CampusSafe

It is the app which is quite popular in USA when a student is unsafe; it alerts five nearby police officers, guiding them towards the location of the unfortunate occurrence.

8. DrunkMode

Drinking is a typical college phenomenon during fests and carnivals in a college campus. No matter how strict the surveillance camera and the principle are, clever students find their way out for drinking at any fiesta. This app allows students to inform their contacts during merriment that they might be a bit intolerant and mentions their place of enjoyment.

9. Just in Case

This app has a farfetched probability but may come in use in emergency situations. This app allows you to write your life story and share it with your loved ones.

If something like, a memory loss, accident causing a brain injury or a psychological disorder happens to you, your near ones will be aware of it. As a result, personal and effective treatment will be given to you.

10. TED Talks

Till now we were talking about campuses being a safer place. TED Talks, talks about how to make campuses a better place. TED Talks believe in “Ideas worth spreading.” Different kinds of posting regarding any issues are featured here. This is a creative hangout for students in the campus. And, TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design.

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