10 Latest Improvements for Learn Pick - Institute Profiles

Sep 01, 2014

We have introduced a few brand new features in our My Private Tutor website. These would enhance your Institute or Center profile and increase your prospects of lead conversion a good deal.

Out with the old, and in with the new! Avail of these outstanding tools to experience unending possibilities. Read on for details.

  1. Link your Social networking profiles

Social media is one of the most engaging platforms for recognition in the virtual world. We have maneuvered exactly that, to serve your purpose better. Now you can link your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and so on with your My Private Tutor profile. This would enhance your prospects and promote your profile further.

  1. Add Course Details

Add Course Details

You would most definitely want your leads to get instant information about the courses conducted in your institute at one go. Our new feature lets you add various course details of your institute so that students get aware of the facilities without having to scuttle around for details.

  1. Add Faculty details

Add Faculty details

Faculty details form an institute selecting factor for students. We have come to your rescue with our latest feature enabling you to add the details of your faculty. You could showcase their skills and expertise to increase your lead conversion chances.

  1. Upload Institute brochure

Upload Institute brochure

Now you can upload a brochure of your institute to your My Private Tutor profile so that students can download it and keep it for future reference. This would help them track admissions and get other important information easily without having to undergo unnecessary hassles for the procedures.

  1. Add Videos

Add Videos

It is now possible to upload up to 5 videos in your My Private Tutor profile. You could demonstrate your institute’s infrastructure, classroom facilities, a short demo class and so on. A video essentially captures the experience a student would have if they enroll in your institute, thus enhancing your prospects.

  1. Add Photos

Add Photos

It is more appealing if you put a picture to your information. Now guess what 5 pictures can do! We have introduced a new feature that enables you to add up to 5 photos of your institute. Choose the ones you wish to upload wisely since those photos are meant to boost your profile.

  1. Get Reviews

Get Reviews

Student reviews play a very important role in your institute’s profile since students tend to go through a few of them before choosing an institute. Our latest feature lets you add such reviews of your existing and past students to your profile. We can help you contact them on your behalf.

  1. Include Success Stories

Include Success Stories

Success stories contribute to the list of criteria for zeroing in on an institute. Improve your chances with My Private Tutor’s new feature to add success stories of students who were enrolled in your institute previously.

  1. Single Tuition Lead Purchase

Single Tuition Lead Purchase

Sometimes institutes wish to pay per purchase of tuition facilities instead of choosing 10, 25 or 100 leads and we totally understand that. We have narrowed down the Pay Per Lead (PPL) from a minimum of 10 to 1 with our single tuition lead purchase feature where institutes can buy only one tuition enquiry as per their requirement.

10.  Update WhatsApp Details

Update WhatsApp Details

As a part of our process improvement very soon we will introduce tuition lead delivery through Whatsapp service in major cities. Institutes are requested to update their number.

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